Black ink and a "ninja like" costume...Where can I find this?

Has black ink been released in the official version of the game? Where can I find an outfit that closely resembles a ninja mask?

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Ninja mask and costume…

The Zamorian Thief armour is probably what you are looking for, as for Black Dye, you need an alchemist Thrall to be able to make it.

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You probably mean Zamorian Thief outfit. You can learn it at level 50.

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If you dye the sandstorm mask all black it kind of works with a ninja theme.

Can any alchemist unlock the option to craft black ink?

I am not sure that any alchemist can do it, but some do.

Zamorian is closest, there are no ninjas in the conan universe. This is not fortnite

Black and white dyes come from a named alchemist that is only available from purges. The outfit is most definitely Zamorian Thief.

Or admin panel…heh heh I LOVE single player or having my own server.

Speak for yourself Robert E. Howard. Where there’s Asians, there is the art.

Are you serious? I’ve never even experienced the purge. There has to be another way to find this alchemist Or is this a fact?

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