Blackscreening since last update

Yeah, this is an easy one - players are blackscreening & getting kicked to dashboard since last update!

Highly populated server - since last update, there are pockets in the map where players end up in a blackscreen loop., they blackscreen - get kicked to dashboard. Try loading in - get almost all the way loaded & blkackscreen to dashboard again. I have to restart the server to end the loop. It happens to everyone who enters these areas. No matter which Xbox they’re using.I try Gportal, they say it’s Funcom. I try Zendesk, they tell me to post here to share will all. There is no helpm from this company. they just like the 2 years of server rental I’ve paid. No need to actually HELP a paying customer. Edited to reduce traffic pve-c is one of, if not THE most populated private server on xbox right now. Gonna start looking for Youtubers to post these problems to maybe get some attention to get this fixed. I wiped my server and the decay timers are STILL broken from 6/2/22 funcom update. Tired of screaming into the void whenever I have an issue with this game. a game they no longer test console updates for. every update breaks something. Is this how you’re programming Dune? Can we expect the same bang up service we’ve received on Conan Exiles Xbox? Fix the game.

Is there an actual telephone number to contact anyone who can help, or is this a pray the next update fixes the issues kind of thing? This is the definition of game-breaking. I have to shut down the server to stop this when it happens & has been happening regularly since the update last week & I cannot be there 24/7 to help if this happens!

So, I hear this is a “known issue” great! now, know the way to fix it. I cannot run events and have to police builds at mounds of the dead. High activity seems to cause the issue. Anyone at all ever find a solution to this? At least Gportal is staying in contact with me. I asked Mayra what was going on with my dacay timers issue 2 months after first reporting it. Well, I guess that was harrassing to Mayra. They closed communication with me simply for asking for an update 2 months on. and gave me the generic “Be on the lookout for future updates!” BS. THIS is the kind of “help” I have gotten for my 2 years of server rental. Dune will be a shit-show. Mark my words.

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