Body missing on death

Game mode: Online | PvP
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

9/10 times that I die (in multiple servers) to noxious gas, my body disappears and is unable to be retrieved. I had a bedroll 5’ from death to test. As soon as I died I ran to the death location and the body was missing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. go to noxious gas
  2. die
  3. run around aimlessly
  4. punch monitor while cursing, being unable to find body

This happens to me a lot too. Other people can see my body, but I can’t. It’s not just to noxious gas either. Happens almost every time I die.

Please check this thread. It has been reported here as well.

When your corpse does disappear, there are methods for recovery (suggestions in the link above).

Good luck!

Corpse container seems to go invisible almost every time whenever in or over water, FWIW.

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I had the same issue, I couldnt see my body. I fix it by logout and login again. Then, magically, my body is there.