Bone Armore,Weapons and bone decorations

New Tool- deboner: you harvest lots of bones. This tool is great for bone and skull collecting.

Metal Skull Torch- Comes in wall mount and carry. This harden steel torch is in the shape of a skull.

Metal Skull throne: This harden steel throne is shape of skulls.

Skull Torch- A torch made of a skull and bones of your enemies. Comes in wall mount and carry.

Throne of bones- A throne made of bones.

Bone table-A table made of bones.

Skull Throne- A Throne made of skulls.

Skull cup- A cup made from a skull.

Bone armor- low tier bone armor. Comes in light,medium and heavy.

Bone weapons- cheap low grade weapons.

Bone Cages- different type of cages made out of bones

Bone trap- a trap made out of bones. Used to kill unarmored low levels. This is a basic trap.

Bone chair- A chair made of bones.

I want a bone decoration for all decorations type. The ones mention above are a start. Every item can become a bone item.