Bought Premium AND Funcom points, still not showing up on account

Last time I paid for Funcom pts, it took 5 minutes…I recently paid for another 6000 pts AND paid for Premium, and after over 24 hrs, neither are activating on my account.
I submitted a customer support ticket; however, no change or response has happened yet.
How long should I wait before contacting my bank to revoke payment?

Please note that if you have your bank revoke payment your account will be permanent banned.

Wait time varies, but is often a few weeks.

Last week I bought 10 bucks worth of points to change 14 attribute points on my level 23 undefeated toon.
The respec cert was in my inventory, I clicked it and it disappeared.
NO repsec.
I sent in a ticket last week. Nothing. So now my toon sits there waiting.

Did you try talking to the feat trainer?

Next time just pay the copper to reset it instead of 10 bucks.

Did you maybe buy a second specialization by accident? If you buy a second specialization, you can click on a second tab in the feat tree window . You have to switch to that one, it has a short timer (like casting a spell).
The item you used disappeared because it is considered a consumable, it basically transformed into your second spec tree that is now available.