Bought the battle pass but not receiving my rewards

So I bought the battle pass and so far I have done a few challenges that have earned me some rewards but I have not received those rewards it keeps saying that it’s going to come into my account but it hasn’t come into my account yet and I haven’t been able to find anything in the ancestral knowledge…

You have to go into the battle pass section and claim them after they’ve been unlocked. Have you done that?

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Yeah I did I’ve accepted everything I’ve unlocked so far and I don’t see anything

The battlepass rewards are for the most part recipes. Are you not seeing any of them in your crafting menus?

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No I’m not. I didn’t even receive the crom coins

Something is definitely wrong then. In the bottom left, does it say claim all rewards anymore, or are they all marked as claimed already?

I advise you to open a ticket about your issue. Choose “In-game purchase” as request type.
That way you can reach funcom directly. You are entitled to the product you paid for.

Hope they can fix it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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