Brimstone hunting in jungle

Is the brimstone underwater in the jungle only able to be picked up or can you actually mine it with a pick ax or axe

The few times I’ve tried I can only pick it up by hand. To me they look like individual pieces of brimstone rather than a node that can be harvested. Similar to how a single stone looks as opposed to a stone node.
I have tried to use a pick but it has not connected … similar to what happens if you use a pick on a single piece of stone …

The pillars look similar to those at Shattered Springs, but despite numerous attempts I’ve only been able to get a disappointing “bonk” sound effect trying to mine them. I’ve been picking up the loose brimstone by hand, but for some reason my character thinks I want to drink up the sea while doing so, so I’m getting very cold.

All interactive stones, branches, and bushes can be interacted by hand for a simple harvest interaction.

You can also use a tool to harvest with the tool’s harvest multiplier.

The key is to make the tool make contact with the stone, branch, bush in question.

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