Bring on the MAYHEM! (servers)

Hello, clickbaiter here for a comunity poll :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone recall mayhem servers?

Now that there’s dynamic building damage I was thinking it could be the chance to bring something old but new.

Would it be alright to convert 2 or 3 servers per geo-area to 24 hours raid time but dynamic building damage? Would it make sense? Could it be possible now?

  • Yes I would play a 24/7 raid time if dynamic building damage was on and functioning
  • No I wouldn’t

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The way you worded your poll, it doesn’t make any sense. Mayhem servers allowed building damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using Dynamic Building Damage on a Mayhem server would be pointless.

Did you mean make a few servers Mayhem and a few servers that are just Dynamic Building Damage?

Yes, not a english native tongue speaker, so a server with dynamic building damage on, so you can get raided only when you’re online. Make more sense?

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