Broken Named Thrall Llarn Steeltoe

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] Bug
Region: [Here] America / USA

Named Armorer Thrall Llarn Steeltoe, picked up at / in The Den

Not giving Flawless Recipes… acting as if it is a Lvl 3 / Tier 3 Thrall instead of a Named / Lvl 4 / Tier 4 Thrall…

Only giving Exceptional Recipes…


found this thrall just now, spent a lot of time… really only exceptional? did it fixed?

And he is trained at the speed of T3 thrall too.
Sadly armorers are not implemented in the game in a proper way. Like 80% of T4 armorers do not have any sets to craft if we exclude encumbrance armor.

not yet…

I also noticed that.

I wanted a T4 Armor thrall from Dogs of the Desert to be able to craft a flawless Hyena armor but unfortunately nobody can craft it since Llarn Irontoe is only a T3 Armorer…

You can see there all armors pieces he can craft :

Please could you fix this bug ? Thanks :slight_smile:

As a temporary hack, I suspect we could fix ourself by editing database data :slight_smile:

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totally agree, for me he’s a she, but same problem, hoped for a T4 and have in end-effect just a T3.

Let’s hope this thrall will get fixed one day !

I also noticed this last night with my Llarn, I was disappointed. I hope they can stick a fix for him in a hotfix or something, as he’s part of my thrall collection and it would be wonderful if he were up to snuff.

Apparently, it’ll be fixed in next patch \o/

I share your enthusiasm, but dont necro all the old posts describing the bugs