Broken Pathing -- Forgotten City of Xel-ha -- Palace of the Witch Queen

Game mode: ALL
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: ALL
Region: ALL
Mods?: NO
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

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The stairs down to and the bridge across to the palace of the witch queen dungeon have no pathing at all for thralls you cannot order them to walk here and they cannot follow you across the bridge.

If you give them a nice gentile kick all the way to the door you can take them into the dungeon however it would be nice to not have to kick my thrall all the way down the stairs to get him to move where i want him.

Expected Behavior:

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The thrall should be able to navigate stairs and a flat surface (the bridge) without issues.

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Travel to the “Palace of the Witch Queen” in “Forgotten City of Xel-ha” stand at the top of the stairs and whistle E to make NPC walk downstairs and across the bridge


Walk yourself to the door and see NPC stuck at the top of the stairs

I have the same experience as you when it comes to thralls moving down those stairs (in singleplayer) - they’ve never reached the bridge, so I assume it’s the same there as well, but can’t say for certain. But I have been able to get them to follow me into the dungeon itself with no problem - basically, they get stuck on the stairs, I ignore them and continue in, they teleport to me once I go inside. (I did previously have a problem where they wouldn’t enter at all, but that got fixed a few patches back.) If you ignore them, do they show up once you’re inside, or do they not come in at all?

When I want in the door the NPC was not with me I ran as far as the auto-closing gate and the NPC did not teleport in follower icon shows them outside top of the stairs still ordering return did nothing had to go outside and kick him down the stairs and all the way along the bridge to the door before he would enter the dungeon.

Ok, so that sounds similar to what I had before the fix (a few patches back, as I mentioned) - except I was never able to get them to join me (though, admittedly, I didn’t try actual physical violence :wink: ). I wonder if this is somehow working differently on singleplayer vs servers - certainly I don’t seem to be having trouble getting them into the dungeon right now (just the stairs as always). Sorry I couldn’t be more help, hopefully someone else may have some ideas.

Its funny because after you kick them a few times they get mad and swing there sword at you :wink:

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