Bug abusers destroyed our 1 month work

Hi all! Revengers clan on official server #1205 are using stat abuse and used it to destroy our base. They maxed all their stats to 50 and abused that to destroy our base. I have his chat logs with me explaining how to use that abuse. I can also add screenshots from our steam chat if required but you can check the logs. This community should be cleared from these abusers who destroyed my and my friends’ 2 months work. Thank you!

they fixed the 50 to all stats thing 2 days ago with the patch.

And they destroyed our base before the patch. This is unacceptable. I lost all my work to bunch of bug abusers

As far as I know They fixed “all attributes to 50” only for PC, not for PS4 and Xbox (as need some time for them too)…

Also Funcom don’t care about players like you, BlaDiablo. They took your money so why to bother with you anymore.

A lot of people ask for a Code of conduct, but Funcom have an excuse that they are small team and don’t have a resources about it… No matter of the 1,5+ million copies of the game…

I’m curious if those players aren’t actually “pay to win” ones, as Funcom don’t want to remove them from official servers, don’t bother to fix some glitches that was reported months ago and etc and in the same time doesn’t let the rest of the users to share that information.

So basically not only that those players can ruin your months of play, but their bases are untouchable because are glitched… So no way for you to fight back. In two words - you cannot do anything against them, because Funcom doesn’t care about it.

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