BUG | All T4 Entertainer / Dancer 😱

Hi there,

i found a very bad bug here that needs to be fixed as soon as possible with all available energy from the devs, that’s for sure. :disappointed_relieved:

…Gasping for air…

All named T4 female entertainers have very little to no erm ! … what shall I call it ? … arguments.
A-cup at most, if not even less, I guess. :thinking:

Only Lianeele ID: Forgotten_Tribe_Entertainer_4_Cimmerian comes with at least B or even C-cups, which I would have to touch more closely to decide. :sunglasses:

And a little more on the hips would also be quite nice, nobody likes skinny models anyway, am i right.

And before the first ones scream out, that would be sexist and misogynistic…
… I can understand it too well if you take a look at the male entertainers.
A little less and these colleagues could sing in the women’s choir, that’s for sure. :joy:

It cant be that cold in the exiled lands. :cold_face:

…and whatever you’re thinking now, you’re absolutely right. :rofl:
For the general pleasure of womens, it is not enough if the church bells are bigger than the cathedral.

So, for the sake of Crom, give the dancers a little more love for detail or Ymir will send you bolts of ice when you least expect them, Jhebbal Sag and Set will unleash their wild animals and snakes upon you, Yog will roast you on a spear like a wild boar, Mitra “the god of right and justice” can’t believe what you did anyway. And Derketo, yeah Derketo almost fell out of the pleasure swing when she heard about that issue. She is more than displeased, but I’m sure you can imagine that.


P.S.: Oh and dont waste some time to put this to the Trello Board, it will get the most votes there anyway. So, for the biggest bug in CE history, we are looking forward to get a Hotfix really soon. :wink:


I’m… not exactly sure if it’s a bug just because there’s a certain lack of… features. I had noticed this trending towards “less is more” among named entertainers, but I thought it just proves that it’s your trained skill as a performer that matters, not how you were born.

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Hey there @SirBowen

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll send note to the tavern recruiters in the Exiled lands to be a little more diverse in their requirements or a little more careful in their air conditioning settings.


Going to need this retroactively hot-fixed: STAT! ;D

Also, please teach the dancers how to shave, their personal hygiene leaves something to be desired. :tired_face:


Whats even worse is the dancers in Conans tavern have gone from riches to rags a T3 in conans tavern should be able to afford the fineries.


Changed yesterday Imiu in my singleplayer with CharEdit light.
I had 3 dancers, and all looking exactly the same, this may be hazardous, but it’s also a concern for me. Models often looks very similar. I remember a time where it was more diversity in any ways.

But def your post made my day with a second coffee today ! :laughing:


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