[Bug]? Distillate Shifter Display and Tooltip

The Distillate Shifters were added to the Item Store (Instant Purchase Window) for 500 Aurum as of this last Open Beta Phase but were not available to directly test; however, there are still some oddities with them visible even now!

Distillate Shifters’ Shifting Icons

The Distillate Shifters have a peculiar attribute: their icons shift!

The Distillate Shifters from within the Distillate Shifters tab of the Instant Purchase Window will take on the icon image of whatever items shared the same slot from a different tab of the window. These chimeric icons retain the Distillate Shifters’ Mythic coloration and use a black background when the icon they’ve borrowed doesn’t replace the background with something fanciful.

Time for some examples!

Figure 1. On the left is the Spotlight tab. On the right is the Distillate Shifters tab.

Figure 2. On the left is the Agent Network tab, Page 1. On the right is the Distillate Shifters tab.

Figure 3. On the left is the Item Upgrades tab, Page 1. On the right is the Distillate Shifters tab.

Figure 4. On the left is the Item Upgrades tab, Page 2. On the right is the Distillate Shifters tab. I like this one for how much it stands out.

I acknowledge that this could either be a legitimate bug or it could very well be due to them using some sort of glitchy placeholder - or have no icon yet set at all! As I wasn’t able to acquire one during Open Beta Phase 2, I couldn’t see how they behave outside of the Instant Purchase Window where this visual issue occurs.

They Distillate Shifters are so fluid, they can’t even keep their icons straight!

Distillate Shifter Tooltip

Ha! You thought you could escape my tooltip scrutiny by hiding away, didn’t you? Well, you can never escape!

All Distillate Shifters share a tooltip template with differences arising from the Distillates they shift, so I’ll only use one Distillate Shifter tooltip as an example.

Distillate Shifter: 10 Glyph Distillates
Binds when Picked Up
The next 10 Distillates looted from Elite Dungeon, Scenario and Lair chests will be converted to Glyph Distillate.

If you already have a Distillate Shifter active, you can use this item: This item will add 10 to your existing number of Distillate Shifter charges, and all charges will shift to Glyph Distillate. 500 Aurum.

First, I would like to say that I strongly disagree with the choice not to use a comma during the list of chests. "Elite Dungeon, Scenario, and Lair chests . . ." removes the possible ambiguity over scenario and lair chests being separate chest types. As the use of the oxford comma is somewhat subjective, I can’t fault the lack of inclusion even if I dislike ambiguity.

As per the template, this particular tooltip example uses Glyph Distillate in the singular. This by itself isn’t an issue and appears to be referencing a buff charge, but it reads awkwardly in the first sentence. Right now it reads as 10 distillates converting to 1, which clearly isn’t the case. I suggest reconsidering the wording slightly to accommodate it better.

It’s not a major issue if this isn’t changed, but over all, the wording on these items is awkward to me.

Don’t worry, that’s the last of the tooltip posts from me for this phase!

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I had a Shifter in my inventory. I didn’t know what it was because it was a black square with yellow outline. I right-clicked it, and it went onto my health bar. I didn’t play enough this round to really try it out.


Ah, I wasn’t so lucky as to mysteriously acquire any. It sounds like the Distillate Shifter had no icon and truly was stealing from whatever it could!!! Shifty!


Lol I knew you’d like that. I mentioned it in another thread with a picture of my health bar. I never got a reply from anyone else saying that had one, too.

Darn. I mysteriously got 2 of each, but actually forgot to test them.


Very fancy icons, indeed.