Bug: Heat/Cold Death, **Game Breaking**

Game mode: Online official - #1575
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

I logged in today to find myself dead. No one had killed me, and there was no “you were killed by” message when I logged in.

I could tell it was going to happen as I was logging in because the loading splash does not now cover the entire viewable resolution field. This, too, may be a bug. But on the left and right edges of the loading splash, I could see the all familiar sands of the starting desert.

This death was exceeding frustrating as it was late when I logged out, and I had not done my proper “inventory maintenance” before logging. So everything that I did not properly put away was lost. Not to mention my regular “load out” set of armor, tools, and weapons.

I logged out last night before the server recycle. My fatal error was that I logged out on the Bridge of the Betrayer. When I logged out, I was in full, 100% shelter, and I was standing in a position with adequate warmth, wearing epic flawless medium armor (actually a detriment in cold climate areas, makes you colder, go figure, rather than simply protecting you from heat). Further data point, my character is built with 30 points in vitality. This allows me the extreme temperatures perk (Impervious), and also the health recovery perk (Fierce Vitality).

I presume that the course of events went down like this:

  • I logged out in cold zone, either extremely cold or frostbite, depending on what the “zero’d” value is for the south end of the Bridge of the Betrayer. Where I logged out there were multiple hearths and multiple protected torches that both give off heat. While the default value was either extremely cold, or frostbite, my modified temperature was adequate for survival (on the temp dial, “null,” or “just right”).

  • My game client disconnected, and my character’s body remained loaded on the server (as expected, designed, and desired on Official vanilla PvP servers).

  • The server rebooted.

  • Because there was no active player present at the Bridge of the Betrayer, none of the following player structure objects persisted on the game map, nor were loaded into the game server’s cache or memory:

    • Multiple hearths (climate affecting: warming)
    • Multiple protected torches (climate affecting: warming)
    • Multiple campfires (climate affecting: warming)
    • Black ice player structure pieces (climate affecting: insulated / warming, shelter)
  • With nothing to augment the climate and make it warmer, my character’s unconscious body went from being “just right” to experiencing either extremely cold or frostbite following the server reboot. Either of those climate conditions I can ordinarily survive, even while wearing heat protection (read: makes you colder) medium armor, due to my vitality perks. I have tested this many times, I can survive indefinitely, and in fact very very slowly heal (recover health).

  • After some unknown amount of time after the server restart, my character’s body dies. Presumably because my vitality perks are not being considered to maintain my health in this god forsaken (and SERVER forsaken, player structures unloaded) cold. My character’s body experiences extreme cold or frostbite with an effective vitality score of 0, which offers no such protections from such cold.

  • I log into the game, no warning on who or what killed me. I think about where I logged out, and determine that it must have been a cold death.

FUNCOM - this is flat out unacceptable. I am playing the game in the world you have created. I am using the tools and materials that you have given me. Yet I have just experienced a SIGNIFICANT LOSS to my collective materials because my frozen dead corpse disappeared 15 minutes after I died - probably sometime this morning shortly after 6:00AM ET.

You must understand this. You must get this message to your core designers and systems teams. This is NOT an acceptable experience. I did everything right (save for not properly stowing my valuables - but hey… REAL LIFE happens), and your game as it exists has punished me. Please share this with your design and systems teams. This is game breaking, and needs to be addressed immediately.

As for me, I will get on. I’ll probably remake all of my stuff. Refarm all of my lost materials. Refarm my rarely spawning and diligently broken thralls. This is not the straw that breaks my back. But I assure you - this straw has broken tons and tons of backs of other players who really REALLY want to love this game. But they cannot. Because of a lack of adequate polish, and a lack of a completed product.



Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log out in a extremely cold or frostbite area sheltered player structure. Make sure that there are adequate placables to raise the character’s temperature to a “just right” level.
  2. Allow the Official server to go through it’s standard, daily reboot cycle.
  3. Character’s body remains in world. Placables and structures do not load because no active player in the area, and thus do not provide their climate warming effects.
  4. Character’s body dies.
  5. Player logs into the game dead, is respawned naked at last bind point.
  6. Player’s corpse container has long since expired, and is no longer recoverable.

In the event that it helps with the bug behavior analysis, and correction, I have included a video of the spot where my cold death occurred.

Where the video begins is the spot where my character was located when I logged out. I picked this spot specifically because I knew that it was full shelter, and that the adjusted climate at the spot was Goldilocks “just right.” I move around the area to showcase all of the placeables that have been set to help adjust the climate.

Please take special notice to my character’s temperature reading at different places along the bridge. For the sake of control, the character is effectively naked so that you can see what the “default” climate temperature reading is on the bridge (I have to move northward to show this).

Then, I show underneath the bridge, where I have engineered a solution to make my public map facility more comfortable.

Ya it sucks that our vitality perks don’t work when we log out. I’m not even sure that armour keeps working when you log out for temperature effects.
My bedrooms in cold houses always have fireplace right next to my bed and I log out standing on top of my bed. Since I started this routine for managing temperature I have never died offline.
For hot areas I often create a sandstone bedroom inside my t3 house to mitigate the heat.

Hi! Me again! I’m still hot over this. Just to help out, and to try and keep things constructive, I have a list of things that can be done to correct or prevent heat/cold deaths…

  • Fix the memory leaks in the game, and remove the need to perform daily server recycles. Any kind of server that is operating correctly does not require daily rebooting to be sustainable.

  • Fix the placables so that even when unloaded, they apply their climate buffs to the map even while they are not loaded in memory.

  • Fix the character perks so that they persist through logoff, and continue to provide protection even when a player is offline.

  • Place a hard coded setting or rule to NOT KILL AN OFFLINE PLAYER due to extreme temperatures.

I understand that there may be some technology and system limitations with some of the suggestions in this list. The bottom line is that something should be done to address this and improve player experience. Otherwise, there won’t be any players.


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