Bug Report: I claim this Land does not work

I just recently got the Feat “I claim this Land” however enemies still Walk to the Battlestandard like they did before and this is in the first few waves.

Hello @Mirokira, welcome to the community!

The “I Claim This Land” Feat increased the health of the Battle Standards, but they will still be targeted just like any other structure. What gave you the impression that this would not be the case?

Mirokira might have meant Stage IV of “I Claim This Land”. Stage IV says enemies will no longer directly attack the banner.

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Thank you for clearing that up, we’ll notify the developers so that they can look into it!

this post is written before the current test patch (i love the new scoring system btw <3 ) is this thing patched in that test patch or not? btw Hugo i noticed now this post and i have also contacted a dev (Ren) to let him know too! :3

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