Bug report on sabertooth

so i have sabertooth and whene he is fighting he is stuck in 1 side and not hanging around
to fight side so he like attacking th air

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2.bug report

I don’t quite understand: is your follower stuck in one place, or the enemy?

If the latter, I have this air attacking issue in the Sunken city and the Silvermine because those are the places enemies tend to freeze in place. My guess is the game actually calculates the enemies’ moves, but not executes it, and the follower AI calculates this too, so they attack where they predict the enemy would be.

I experienced this same (similar?) thing with my pet sabertooth yesterday. A vulture was pecking away at a set-piece corpse, and I swung at it for fun. I missed as the vulture flew away, but my sabertooth took that as Open Season On Vultures and savagely started attacking where the vulture had been sitting. After several seconds, he stopped–and I scored a smidgen of xp for a dead “vulture”.

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Yeah it’s been this way with vultures since early on Siptah, mine hates them, even the skeletons hate them

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OMG yes!!! I’ve watched as many as a half-dozen undead gang up on the vultures in Xchotl (sp?)! Ridiculous.

The skellies might be getting their own back lol

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