Bugs and Suggestion

Hello, I am asking you to fix the errors that appear on the PC version of me and my friends.

  1. The first aspect is that I can not skip the starting movie only after many wedges of everything and after most of the movie I can skip it.
  2. The next thing is that when I die, the icon of my death shows completely on a different part of the map or does not show up at all
  3. It happens that after dropping items eg for a friend on the floor immediately disappear
    4.volunts that you pull with a rope can disappear suddenly and break off the most often happens when you release the rope in motion and on the elevator
  4. this is no mistake, but since we have two swords, hammers and spears, it may be time for the axes to be quite logical.
  5. When searching for servers when trying to do Refresh, I will not be able to search for servers, which results in that I either have to go back to the menu or exit completely from Steam.
  6. NPCs should be more intelligent playing an archer, I can kill everything from a distance because NPCs ingest me because of distance
  7. NPCs overlap more than once I have seen situations where 3 npc stands in one place which causes that they are in themselves and can be killed on Combo
    10.After a week, my Purge belt is full but nothing really happens literally nothing
    11.Thralls ignore opponents who attack us and often take off their weapons.
  8. You should improve the combat system, not only the players but also the monsters, that the fight would be more interesting and exciting as well as the system of killing so that the only way to defile was not an avatar