Build limit/ too big of a building update!

Looked through other threads and couldn’t really find anything. We have one big base that is about 60x40 in the desert by the den. Over 100 foundations away from the den and at least 50 foundations away from jebal sag. It also doesn’t touch the oasis so there is not points of interest even close to being blocked. We made very certain that nothing was even close to blocked let alone fully blocked.

From the entire foundation base there was only one tree 3 regular rocks and around 6 bushes that got blocked as far as resources go. We have built even bigger and didn’t have a problem.

Main question is is someone were to complain am I at the mercy or any dev or admin that comes on? If so, there could be one admin that thinks it if fine and have another admin that had a bad day think it is not fine.

No spawns or chests or anything rare is in the vicinity. It is a pve conflict server and the base is fully functional as in there is a specific place for everything so it isn’t just there to be there.

As staff have communicated, it is not so much the size of the base but the intent and how it affects the server. While it does say “massive bases” in the ToC, this may pertain to bases that take up entire quadrants or more.

Take care not to overload the base with placeables like lighting. These are memory intensive items that can affect server performance. 1 light in a room should be sufficient, not every 1’.

At the mercy of Zendesk staff if reported? Yes. I wouldn’t attribute their decisions based on emotions though. They can make mistakes but from what I understand there are procedures they follow.

Has someone threatened to report you?

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How about uploading some pics of your base for us, that frequent the forums, to peruse? We can evaluate the chances your base my be wiped better.

Had to get off for work but tomorrow I will upload some pictures. The base isn’t done yet on the roof.

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Yeah there was one guy is he is also kind of the dick of the server so if he really does report it he is mainly grieving me and wanting me to quit. He has gotten others to leave the server.

As far as intent goes the base doesn’t make it inconvenient for anyone. And the server runs fine on my side of things. Haven’t experienced any lag.

Edit: I am just hoping if the staff has a problem with it they at least let me get my stuff first. Have a lot of resources that if I lost that I would probably end up giving up at that point. Too much grinding to be grieved like that. Couldn’t forgive them lol

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False reports

Everyone is welcome to submit a ticket and report an infraction. However, be mindful that all reports are thoroughly investigated on a case-by-case basis. The team does not act solely based on the evidence sent by any individual person.

Submitting a report with false or intentionally misleading information will result in a warning and the report being rejected, at our sole discretion. Repeatedly submitting false or misleading reports may result in further disciplinary action.

Ensure that in capturing the chat window you also have their Funcom ID.


Thank you for that info. Makes me feel a lot more confident now. My base is in the middle of nowhere, I made for absolute certain it would not create an inconvenience for anyone

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I actually got someone building literally RIGHT NEXT TO ME on an official PlayStation PVE (like about as close as they can get and definitely in my render zone). I was recently wiped for having a large build in a high traffic area on siptah (the reason was never updated on the alert, so not entirely certain), and just finally pretty much rebuilt. It’s extremely frustrating because they’re making a massive castle that spans across a man made bridge that connects the main island to the lower islands. I’ve made efforts to contact them. They’re from china I believe and so I even used google translate to try to reason with them. They have ignored me and continue to build. Im
I’m honestly considering reporting them, but given the Funcom inconsistencies, I fear it’ll fall on deaf ears. I have a ps5, but I’m already starting to rubber band a bit. I just had a clanmate who’s on PS4 join and I fear he’ll have worse issues. So yeah… idk what to say about all this. It’s super frustrating when I’ve gone out of my way to minimize the size of my base after being banned, then a week or so later someone screws me over.

That sounds like a horrible experience and I feel for you. Luckily nobody is really that close to me especially since it isn’t a high traffic area.

I mean it is in the desert so anybody running to the den would see it but it is still far away from the den. Well I will cross my fingers for myself that I don’t get grieved and I will cross my fingers for you that those people either give you space or they get moved.

Really wish there was a more definitive definition.

Report them… don’t consider it, but actually do it :smiley: That sounds like 100% against the rules in place.

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Yeah… they’re clearly making everything on pillars and minimal foundations… granted, they could do better. I have zero regular foundations and only use pillars and fence foundations for my builds, plus, I’m trying to swap out all but the decorative torches and braziers with radium torches (with yellow dye to simulate torchlight). I’m even considering putting my crafters away when not in use to avoid extra animations. However, I build with mix and match sets and some decor for RP, but they can’t possibly limit us on that too. I’m tired of the same old build sets all over the map. And I just thought about the potential for collateral damage from their purges being so close. I’ve been a victim of this numerous times and it’s the last thing I want to deal with after rebuilding.

Yeah, I got a large build on Exiled Lands that’s in a less populated area and it’s been there since the merge. Prior to that, I had a large build for years on the previous server in the same spot. My siptah build was its current spot since the first month of release. Come 3.0, gone within a couple weeks.

It does not matter, whether it’s a fence foundation, a pillar or a foundation, it makes absolutely no difference.
These building pieces have 2 special functions in addition to normal pieces, generating land claim and stability… they all use the same method for that… so there is no difference between them.
I know there were rumors from the past that foundations specifically “cause more lag” than other pieces… but that is simply not the case

What I meant though is that if your neighbor is building a pointless bridge that connects all the islands together, then that’s obviously land claim abuse and they would get instantly banned for it.

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I see… as for the bridge, it appears they’re trying to use the castle as an excuse for the validity of the bridge. That being said, I believe it’s only a single person clan, while I have almost 10 people in mine and spread out to a couple of small bases across the map. Just seems extremely excessive. I’ll likely report it when I get home today.

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So I reported the base. I’ve been playing this evening and I’m crashing when I get close to my base, and my clanmate on PS4 lags out completely now. He JUST got siptah and can’t even enjoy it at this point. Hopefully something will be done.

In this case that was probably the right call! :slight_smile:


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