Building by other players


Is it allowed to build up player bases with a huge wall around them? There is no way out at all.

It’s a sorta “maybe”. Cases like this will be judged on a case-by-case basis, depending on how abusive the construction is considered.

See this thread for how to report abuse on official servers. If you’re not playing on an official server (ie. it’s a private server), contact the server administrator instead.

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My humble opinon is, it is just at real life here at the game.

About game rules. The game does not automatically avoid any player to imprison another player by building walls around it. (Can still be reported and judged by the team) Yes its weird.

No it is not allowed to wall someone else base. Please report it.


You are not allowed to wall off resources at least. A wall would prevent you from draging a thrall to your wheel of pain in your base. Even if you don’t have a wheel of pain, you might plan to build one.

I would consider this against the rules for official servers. I agree with reporting it.

I have the Same thing going on on our official PVE. They built it close enough that we can’t build anything else in our base but left it short enough that we can climb over it they took down the spikes that they had first put up and then put up ramps but we still can’t build anything around our base

One tactic to prevent this is to establish the footprint of your base before you put up structures. Use sandstone foundations to preplan structures such as temples, wheels, stables, and animal pens. Go hog wild and put up a sign in the area, “Future Home of X” to prove it is base planning, not foundation spamming.

Some folks get easily offended and retaliate is the manner you describe. My tactic, after the establishment of my base footprint, is to mute them on in-game chat and wait for them to tire that they are not receiving the attention they crave.

Also, I tend to select cliffs and plateaus for my base with a connecting elevator/stair system to a sub area either at the bottom or top. This not only makes it more difficult and time consuming to wall off a base, it makes it obvious and easily reported.

Lastly, invest in a maproom. This lets you tag a thrall and mount to follow you, teleport out, get all the supplies and materials you need , transfer everything, including personal items, to the thrall an mount, get to a safe place, and take off your bracelet.

You will respawn at your base and your thrall and mount will return home in about 15 minutes.

You win this game they have initiated by not playing it, by continuing to have fun, and proving that they are of zero consequence.

But, as has been indicated, report them.


I had to build walls all the way around our base just to stop players from encasing us.

They took down the walls around our base but now have built one big structure literally on our front doorstep I just don’t get these guys it’s like they don’t have anyone else to bother

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