Building genitals

Ive seen bases that resemmbles a males genital, i was wondering if that is something that was against the rules??

as long as it is not very big it has its place in the server xD

Eh… :woman_shrugging:

Thing is, LOTS of things resemble a penis, but that doesn’t mean the intent was to make it so. And even if it was, it’s basically more of an eye roll situation. Plus, you’re playing a game where you can take your character’s pants off and see one rendered right in front of you that isn’t built out of building pieces.


Did you apply Oil of Penetration to their weapons?

Also, Heker the Henpecked was fixed so he can craft The Pecker now to give them some tools to handle as well.

Being that you are playing Conan Exiles and the game allows for full nudity of both males and females, I would assume a building shaped suspiciously like a penor would be the least of your many concerns.

Why would building a dick be against the rules in a game that has custom modeled and animated dicks in it

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Not too mention having a river in the shape of a sperm on the map for years too


Hey! You edited your post. Now my reply isn’t as funny.

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has several things xD s… and an open mouth

This whole thread. . .


I can only say that the person who created this topic does not know the game at all xD

My crew and I call this sperm river XD


2022-09-17 20_13_09-Window

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Look it’s not whether it’s phallic, it’s whether or not it’s circumcised. Age-old thing.

(Berries gracefully hidden below frame.)

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