"Building is not Allowed Here"

Ok so this is what this is all about. My base is not being affected, being situated south of the Narrowneck Darfari camp, right by the big rock with a hole. I tried making docks by the river though, and I know you can build inside the water. But I am getting “building is not allowed here”, like not even five steps into the river. I had assumed it was because of the one lone exile that camps on the opposite shore, or Narrowneck itself. I can build in water if I go away from those spots.

In between Narrowneck and Cannibal’s Rest I also got the message when trying to put down a campfire. I notice the no building zone from camps is extremely large. Has it always been so, or is it part of this new problem?


Hard to tell, unless someone else built in that area and can also report about it. Previously someone suggested that we get a map of “no build zones” this will be extremely useful since the next update is going to add more restrictions to Siptah.


It would certainly be useful, and a lot more practical than running around with a readied building piece in order to determine one’s boundaries. XD


Thanks for keeping this thread alive!


I know right. It is everywhere across huge swathes of both maps. There are just SO MANY places all over that are now unbuildable. It feels so overbearing and feels like we are playing on a very strict private server. The amount of distance we have to be from an enemy, even the most trivial ones, just to put a Bedroll down is crazy. This change has definately taken at least some of the fun out of the game for me, and certainly much of the creative freedom and options.

Ps- I noticed that with the Oasis too Alhambra, and it is very disheartwning. It is such a beautiful place to build.


H3rb1 is right on this one @Alhambra. While Playstation has always had some additional freedoms, there seems to be a plethora of new no building zones. Many of these came, intended or not, with the new anti-undermesh feature. Furthermore, the existing ones feel to me like they have grown larger in size. Whatever they have done, reports seem to indicate that undermeshing is still a problem.

Of dear god please tell me you are kidding or mistaken here h3rb1. So rather than walking it back to a more sensible level of no building around small camps we are now going to double down on this!? Wow, just…wow.


My pleasure Nord-Oskilgetinn. If anyone wants to see just how long I am capable of keeping this up for: just take a look at the age of my Crom thread. :smiling_imp: :metal: There are over a dozen members affected by this now, and to me it represents a significant decrease in the Quality of Life. Moreover, a CM told us thst the issue would be looked into. We were told we would receive answers, and I feel that we deserve them. ALL of us!



@Community myself and some other members still really need some help here if you can please?
You can see from the OP when I first created this thread. Back on the 5th May 2021 I recieved this wonderful reply from Ignasi, informing me that the devs would be asked to look into this:

So I kept the thread active, and gave the team time to investigate. No problems at all. :smiley: Then on 22nd of June, not long before his sad departure, Hugo kindly informed that there was no new information as of yet, but they would again reach out to the devs and see if we might get some answers:

It has now been over 4 months and two CM responses, and we still dont have any replies or answers from the team, or for that matter even know if it has been examined yet. I know that the big mid-year shutdown happened during this time, so there was disruption at play. No big deal. But with Norway now starting to go back to work, can someone please update us on this issue and provide some long waited for answers?


Hey there,

We’re still on the same block. It does seem that this was caused by some building blocks to prevent errors with NPC and fauna spawns (this seems the lesser cause in Exiled Lands), and exploit fixes. They likely won’t be reverted in that case.
Where we stand now is whether we move forward with considering an option to bypass these blocks with an admin toggle or not. Even though it would seem a no-brainer, an option like this would likely either take a lot of development time to implement properly (which would likely make it fall in the queue of likelihood of implementation), or very likely to break the game if not.

That’s where it is now. News regarding this are slow as the team that’d be in charge of considering this change is currently focused on addressing performance on consoles. That is also why we don’t have any more in-depth info about this other than the above, which is probably old news. But just for the sake of repeating it.


Ignasi thankyou so much for the reply! No I mean it, I really appreciate you getting back to me.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :slightly_smiling_face: Pun intended?

Ignasi I am a little confused by some of this, so please pardon my ignorance while I beckon for some clarification. I promise that I will draw this out and turn it into a long to and fro. That almost sounds like two completely different possibilities, preventing errors with enemy and fauna spawns (more probable?) and an exploit fix, which I am guessing you mean where an undermesh hole was plugged/patched up. So just to check Im on the same page here, you chaps arent quite sure at this point, but if it is the later, it is not likely to be reverted. Have I understood/interpreted all of this correctly, or have I misunderstood? And for the record, if it is the latter, I can 100% absolutley understand why and accept that, because otherwise…well be both know what would happen there. And I wouldnt want to see other members griefed wiped out because of it.

Sure. And not trying to demand, but rather just trying to be helpful and point to a couple of other alternatives suggested in this thread by other members. Not sure if any of them sound like a nice simple alternative or not. There was:

1) Add slider to increase/reduce the “no build” areas. A bit like we can adjust our own landclaim radius for our structures in the settings, but for NPC camps/claim areas instead. Basically the same princple as player owned structures.

2) Transform add the ‘fewer building restrictions’ console command into the Admin Panel function Members have told me there is a console command for PCs, which allows players to place up to 100 additional building pieces within no build zones.

Do either of those two sound like a nice simple working solution Ignasi, or no such luck? I recall h3rb1 mentioned that it was noted in the patch notes that a few of the camps in Siptah were having their landclaim adjusted.

3) Add an admin setting to ‘disable building restrictions’. Not certain if this is technically feisable or not, but I previously suggested that we could add an Admin setting to toggle the building restrictions on and off. This one was acknowledged, and I think it is safe to say that it is not feisable. Understood.

No it honestly doesnt surprise me. With all I have learned and pick up about programming thus far from others, which is not a tremendous amount, its that even if something sounds simple, it usually isnt. And the last thing I or anyone else would want is for you to break the game we love. So if it comes down to this, it may be a bitter pill, but one we are just going to have to swallow nonetheless.

No I really do appreciate the communication Ignasi. Perhaps I have been, or even am, too dense to put all the pieces together in my head. But certainly do understand both the need and importance of addressing console performance.

Ignasi I am not certain if you have been through the whole thread or not, but quite a few other members are having other issues of their own in here aswell. Please, is there anything you can do to help them too, or are their issues all somehow stemming from the same problems, or cause and effect as my own? Does this make sense?? I guess Im trying to say is that if Im stuck for now the time being, then so be it, I understand. But is there anything that can be done to help the other members?


@Ignasi a map with the no building zones would be very nice. Also a map with the new no purge zones.


With that I mean, the only changes that have happened around the areas reported have been of those two kinds. But the anti-exploit fixes seem to be the most likely case for most of the stuff reported here (and 100% the case for those who built outside the green wall). But still, not discarding the fact that there was adjustments of no build areas around camps and POIs. Since the team that is in charge of looking into it hasn’t had the time to properly dive into all and every single of the reports here collected, we can’t with 100% certainty rule out that possibility. But again, the most likely scenario that caused the issues here are anti-exploit and map geommetry fixes.

In that case, a toggle to disallow those anti-exploit changes has been suggested. But currently it’s not on the priority list, as console stability and optimizations are at the top of things to work on.

Once again, this may not be the news you all were looking for, but it’s what we have at the moment. If we hear any new development we’ll update the thread with it. Do also feel free after a reasonable amount of time to ask for an update, in case it has fallen through the cracks.


Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Even a report of no news is news.

Just to chirp up, even if it is in the distant space future of vaguery, I would adore an admin toggle for fewer building restrictions.


Ok gotcha. For the most part that has cleared up what you meant there. :+1: If I could be bold, there are just two things I would like to follow up on.

I had actually wondered about this. By adjustments, do you mean that the no build area around enemy camps was extended?

Maybe not, but Im still relieved that you shared it with us. A ‘nothing yet’ is always better than silence, and Im glad for it.

Oh please do let us know if you do hear anything @Ignasi! Absolutely, I am happy to leave this subject and thread as a whole rest for now. But if I may make one final, small request…? Ignasi could we please leave this thread open so that when the time does eventually come, we can pick up where we left off here, as opposed having to explain it all over again?


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I remembered this post when I read this one below. Maybe it helps here? I don’t test it but sound like a nice hidden option with the insertbutton and command


I use KB all the time (mute) ~, nor insert key does nothing on ether of my KB’s sadly.


It has a weird glitch where sometimes the admin panel doesn’t open, relogging or waiting should fix the issue most of the time… it rarely happens for me though usually it let’s me open the panel