Building System Bugged

why can’t I place the piece in the middle of those ?

when I did it on the other side of my castle the game let me, so why now it doesn’t ?

I’m not sure even Funcom knows why the building system allows some things and not others, lol. Best I can suggest is a couple of common workarounds:

First, anytime a building piece won’t go where you think it should, try swapping to another build piece (you don’t have to place it) and then swapping back - this seems to get it to recalculate sometimes.

Second - you can try leaving the area and coming back (or logging out and back in in singleplayer), this might similarly cause recalculation.

Thirdly - inverted roof wedges are often a pain (and don’t always have all the snap points they should) - if your build will allow for it, a couple of ceiling tiles connecting the bits that have already gone into place can provide an edge for the inverted wedge to connect to. Sometimes once you’ve got the next layer of roof on top, the ceilings can then be removed and it all works, other times you need to leave the ceilings in or the piece that’s hanging from them can disappear.

And your stability is?


Yep, that’s probably a more useful starting point than my suggestions. Nothing’s going to work if you haven’t got the stability in the first place.

Well stability is orange and yellow on near pieces (in fact if I try to place the piece I want on them but in another position it is red and orange, so it should fit in the middle with orange - the best of the 2)

It does sound like there should be stability - but to be sure, the best way is to equip a Repair Hammer and look at the pieces that it should be connecting to - the info box that comes up will include a figure for stability - if it is 20 or less, then you will not be able to place a piece there without adding some support somewhere. If that’s not the case, and it does have more stability, then it’s probably some sort of snapping issue, and I’d suggest trying the options I outlined above. If none of that works, then I don’t know what the answer is.

Already tried: there is stability and no, it didn’t work …
I found a way around with foundations … it’s ugly but it does work (for some reason).

Welcome to the inverse triangle piece issue. Back in EA, you could not even place a regular square roof piece without spending hours trying to stabilize it.

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I often struggle with those pieces. Sometimes it takes a good while but by removing nearby pieces and a good bit of moving around like getting above or below where I’m trying to snap it too and quite a bit of pulling my hair out I can usually get them to work.

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