Building walls and foundations

Game mode: [both]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [anywhere]

[Okay so there was a update that stop overlapping with building foundation and walls. The problem left us with not being able to combine square foundations and wedges without having a gaping problem. so if your doing a fencing wall base for your wall you can on it on the wedge piece once. By the wedge piece being a half and not a complete square when you build your next piece yours going to run into a overlapping issues. Wedges throws the square alignments off ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.making a build with wedges and squares and building walls

Unfortunately this isn’t really a bug. The blocks and wedges are working as intended.
The wedge shaped pieces are not 1/2 a block, they are 60 degree triangular prisms. If you place 2 of them together you will get a parallelepiped not a cube (with a pair of 60 degree angles and a pair of 120 degree angles).
They are really good for creating hexagonal structures or simulating curved surfaces (eg. round towers), but they are not good at creating 45 degree diagonals. As long as you take into account the 60 and 120 degree angles you can get around the problem of there not being a 45 degree corner in the game.

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Were you referring to the occasional gap in the wall or the difference in length of the wedges vs the squares?

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