Building zone in game

Anyone tell me if it’s a bug or something but I get other players being able to build next to me my zone around my base seems pathetic compared to others, even if they put just a foundation for walls the zone from them extends right up to my building.

If they can get that close how the hell can my building zone around me not stop them, on one server i step out my base ten feet cant build land is claimed i cant build. all they have is a zigzag wall foundation then a small outhouse type building way back from the wall everything between that house and the wall is claimed by them.

The wall literally is just a foundation one high and about twenty long.

The claim zone is a circle around a foundation. From my experience you can build as close as 7-8 foundations from each other. If they are walling you off, you have done something to upset them. If you are playing on a PvP server, bomb them. If you are playing on a PvE server, try to talk to them to understand why they are doing it.


No haven’t annoyed them think there a new player from the influx of ps4 free give away month, the base hasn’t decayed so they must log on now and again. Pve-c so can’t really do anything but wait.

world boss kite?

That will only kill pets and thralls, it won’t do any damage at all to player-built structures.

dang, things like this are y im glad I never tried pve

EDIT: kite ur purge boss over there?

Most likely a new player. A lot of them don’t understand the game dynamics. On the PVE-C I am on a new clan built right next to one of my bases and they threw up a ton of t1 structures. Once they got purged, I saw them in chat mention that the final wave never showed up, so I went and checked my base and sure enough, the white dragon had tore down one of my towers and damaged some outbuildings.

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see, teamwork! only I want the solution check box. EDIT: and the prize money

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Yeah I’ve actually advised some players on the server I play on to just let their purges nom on rude neighbors until there’s nothing left. Not very exciting herding imps, and Vanir seem to have terrible ADHD, but what can ya do.

Thankfully at my base, the purge spawns far enough away that it simply PacMans those who decide to build nearby. :smirk:

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