Buildings in Shattered Springs PC server 1362 asia

Can you guys make an update that prevent players from building inside shattered springs look at this

I know this feeling i also play in asian server official they spam all good places. Btw did u face exploiters who can stell stuff from ur base withoud breaking wall and stuff by exploiting and entering base

While I personally do not like that type of play, it is totally legit on a PvP server. There are other sources of brimstone, underwater in the jungle and the cave in the noobie area. Any real war will involve denying your enemy resources, I’m sure everyone can agree on that.

It is a bit sad that this exploit is still happening (if indeed you speak the truth). I know FunCom has patched terrain where people were able to exploit. Perhaps more work needs to be done. I have seen scores of Chinese players that exploit the hell out of this game (any game for that matter), South Koreans also (though I think more out of necessity to compete with Chinese cheaters). China wonders why the world is turning against them, it’s all about morals.

True. I have no idea what to do.

The behavior is justified in the setting of the game, however, the mechanic that allows people to do this and make it nigh-impossible to destroy the underwater foundations is regrettable.

even the cave is surrounded with foundations

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