Buildings not loading on #1213 near Asgard - hanging bug issue

Online official PvE-C #1213
Bug | Performance | Buildings not loading | Not connecting to server if DC in that place near.



Buildings not loading on #1213 near Asgard. Other places seems to work fine, but in this one buildings NOT loading, thralls shooting in the AIR and you die then trying to reconnect at this place!

  1. Go to #1213 Official PVE-C;
  2. Go to near Asgard place with the small lake;
  3. See it for yourself;
  4. Server restart should help, but server is NOT restarting!

And now I stuck in this place, cause placed BEDROLL there, ESC doesn’t work, my character can’t move or turn, can’t suicide of do anything! Pls do something…

And if I restart the game by ctrl+alt+del, the new loading takes like forever, and after that my character still stuck not able to move or even call the menu!

Hello and wecome! Is it possible that you are facing this bug:

The whole structure will immediately be visible again if the target or the archer is killed. It happens in different areas. The target can be wildlife, boss creatures or a player.

Not possible to kill that archer due to area is obstructed and “invisible”. Going back and returning does NOTHING, reloading does NOTHING, but stucking my character in one place unable to move or spawn elswhere. I can’t believe this BUG is NOT fixed for all these years CE hit the market…

Can someone here help me to unstuck at least!? ESC not working! Loading takes forever, and then loaded game not working properly - character stands in one place, loading music is playing and MENU is UNAVAIBLE! Suicide command works, but then spawns me in the same place there bedroll was/is (cant see it), NO OPTION where to spawn!

After daily server restart all is working fine now.

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