Bye bye server 1098

Wtf conan/funcome…

We playing from the start on server 1098 with allot of friend en just now jou guys band us for nothing…
We heard the admin in our base and bam, all gone…

Ty allot for nothing!!! We are going to soulmask!!!

Conan is dead because of you damn admins!!


Another people quiting Because Theres no warning but soon a couple Will come here telling you are wrong and deserve the Ban.


And Because people use TOC like a weapon and think It IS ok.

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system is used as a weapon,

but it is also true that there are plenty of abuses on official servers, and some people will say… i see larger bases than mine and mine is gone. using other wrong doings as excuse, the difference is your place got reported and the others didnt. (thats the weapon part)

they really need to be less punitive, and add a warning system. every time they ban players, they are kicking out people that are potential customers.


Term of conduct.

I take it you haven’t read the ToS for the official servers :joy:


Dude what are you talking…

We did nothing wrong… we are band for no recen…
We just get reported by ppl who cant winn pvp fights and they reported us…

So bb conan!! If dune is the same like this, we wont going to play that game to

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Yeah people in PvP servers keep using It like a weapon reporting everyone and using alt accounts spamming with almost same named near bases making BOTH clan going to be banned

Not saying it doesn’t happen. But we have no way of actually know if your build was or wasn’t a violation. If funcom did what they say they do they investigated and found a violation.

I mean funcom wouldn’t just arbitrarily ban some one just for being reported would they?

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Please make sure you submit a request over on Zendesk if you would like to know more about the status of your account.
Someone from the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime please feel free to check our Official Server rules link: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

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