Calling the next character. Just for fun

Well, figured I’d “call it” for the expansion DLC about the next playable character, because why not.
In the game there’s this cutscene:


It’s a bit strange that they’re using all other playable character models - Farrow, Bormin, Dux, Selma - but then there’s that moose-in-a-jar. It could easily have been Magnus instead! Bormin’s voiceline (as you can see in the screencap of the cutscene) even mentions Magnus - but he’s nowhere to be found in the shot itself.

And finally the area “The Lair of the Horned Devil”, which may have been a relic of where the character would have been introduced in the first place, but was cut out before the release of the game I’m guessing.


It’s a bit of a strange area, as I was expecting some kind of moose-like bad guy (a Ghoul with some junk screwed into his skull at the very least) based on the name alone as it implies a person of sort being the “owner” of the Lair. Had it been the poster alone I’d discard it as just the theme of the area, but the ghouls themselves used it as their symbol, but the during gameplay I didn’t really hear anyone in the camp really mention it.


Having a playable character seen as the leader of gullible ghouls because his likeness was on the posters seems like a pretty classic character introduction.

So my prediction is as such - a moose mutant!


You’ve certainly done your due dilligence! :slight_smile:

I think a “Moose” character should be an NPC. Like an awesome, legendary Stalker, since there is that devil moose camp thingy.

I think the funny perk about that character could be that he is so feard in the stalker community for that camp, for being all big and having big hornes, but actually being a total wuss. Something like that King character from One Punch Men.

Yeah! KING would be an awesome nickname for him - The King of Fools :smiley:

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The tease-ening has begun.

Okay, I’ll pile some more clues toward this.


Fredrik Malmberg is the actual owner of the Mutant: Year Zero and the Conan properties!

And because I have the power of Greys… I mean the power of Photoshop, I just pieced the two teasers together and increased the contrast.

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Me: Woo! \o/

Also me: Aww delay! D:

Hey Nicole?

Is this image available at a wallpaper resolution? Because it should be! :o

I really like everything I see in this DLC.

But why is it so small? A few more days gameplay? :frowning:

I love this game. Its fantastic. But it took me like a week to finish, and I play very slow. I explore everything I can.

Where is everything? And please dont get me wrong. This game is very high quality. Its just …small.
The skill system is really good. But its only a few skills. And exp is way to easy to get.

You have done that hard part that requires high skilled coders…the base. Why not fill it up?

Hey @Andrige,

The full, original image is in wallpaper resolution by default. I hope this helps :wink: