Can FC Start offering character transfers from one account to another for FC points

there are allot of other games that offer this service EVE online actually has an economy for it. When i opened my second account they did not have an option to purchase extra character slots. Im sure many other veteran players are also in my shoes. I would gladly pay to have some of my old toons taken from my inactive accounts and brought to my subscribed.

Funcom can’t even help people pay to subscribe to their abandoned, unsupported game

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I have asked for subs to offered for Funcom points for years. Andyb once said he would pass the suggestion on, but that’s been a couple years ago. So I doubt transfers will have much chance with FC points. But I still hope.

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i think this will never happen because it would let people sell characters.

I’d add to that the fact they’d have to PROVE that other character was theirs and from the number of posts we’ve seen about people having problems proving stolen accounts are theirs when trying to get them back, I too can’t ever see it happening.

the game is too old to worry about that. FC could be in on the sale of the toon the same way a pilot is in eve online. You can flat out take a pilot from your account and sell it to the highest bidder.