Can I get refund due to their lazy-work and unjustifiable restriction?

I’m solo player at official server (1124) but there is a cheater clan at the server. I also reported them.

But the administration is banned everyone at that server I think.
They’ve banned me for nothing.

I did fairly play. I’ve never used cheats at any games.

I just reported this product on steam and request refund.
Is there any other way to get refund? also report as fraud-product?

It is not right banning fair-players.

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As I posted in another thread regarding accounts bans on official servers you need to discuss the ban in private/direct messages with a forum community manager.
If you can’t send private message due to your account being too new then ask to have your account upgraded so you can.


@Ignasi do you think you could help this newer fellow here resolve his issue. Seems like something you could help with.

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Don’t blame Funcom please they are going there best they have al was says helped me with a bug or a issue I have had they are actually a good company that cares about the customer base to which most don’t like Wildcard and Ark Survival Evolved as they banned people for something and received backlash when the players were legitimately posting a buy and or glitch on YouTube but they should have done it better as well both. But funcom would surely unban or look in to what happen I believe you should not give up on the same so quick.

But that’s me.

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I really appreciate for your help. @Kwalya @SabunoHakia

I sent a message to community manager.
But I lost my enthusiasm about this game.

It is a good, enchanting game.
However, on the one hand the cheaters made the server constantly crash and I waste my time at loading screen.
On the other hand they banned me and dealing with customer servise.

I’m at holiday, I wanted to play a new game at this time. Searched and bought this game, and I couldn’t play with fun.
Always somthing happens.

Thank you again :heart:

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I actually will pull the trigger here in this situation what system are you on? Also what server type were you on? If PS4 and PvP with building damage I’ll set up a server by the end of the week and what not but I also don’t know your timezone so lol. I haven’t been making a private server until the end of the month as I am trying to grasp the server settings and make it perfectly the first time so it’s a fun experience with a few fun aspects I planned to add. Lol

Also there will always be cheaters in the games it’s best to just keep trying other wise they win at there goal. But I totally understand what you mean.

To appeal any bans, please contact any of our staff via DM.
We’re proceeding to close this thread.