Can i rant tiny bit?

ok so…

im an alchemist hermit creepy old wizard living on a tree by roleplay.
and i find it outragest that i cannot cook alchemical stuff without a thrall…
is this going to change anytime soon?

no one put Yolgvig the Blind in the corner!
yamir’s blue balls i will kill every thrall alchemist in this land till i will be the only one!


Lol. Maybe RP that the Thrall is your apprentice. Or that manual labor is beneath you, and so you have servants for your wondrous alchemy creations.


Pretty sure you can cook “alchemical stuff” without a thrall… just not all of it :slight_smile:

But yeah, headcanon aka RP solves just about any problem if one is willing to…

I have RPed a time or two. One time it was as a lone cook, so obviously having another cook wasn’t going to do. If you position your crafting object (bowl, stove, etc) correctly, and build a little closet in the right place, your thrall will be mostly absent. Like, kept behind a closed door. IT was much easier to RP my holding a slave to do dirty work, and when T3 doors that look like prison cells were patched in, it only made it better.

Good luck yon hermit.

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