Can login to game but can't to account

I have a same password for a game and account. But now i can login to game (play) and can not to account. Even when i made anoder new account i can play and can’t loging to account management. Support does not answer. Someone had such a problem and how was it solved?


Since I still cannot start a new topic (as seems everyone other can):

I had similar problem yesterday. I ordered funcom points, and when I tried to open the payment history page to check the order status, it showed http error 500 page. Please fix this.

did you get an error message ?


That was my fault actually, as I found out some time later. I had to go in one of the forums first to create a topic, and the list of topics on the forum first page confused me. Sorry for the inconvenience, I had no intention to off-topic or spam.