Can someone explain to me why they did not implement skeletons taking any sort of stun or knockback what so ever

i think its entirely unrealistic that when i hit a skeleton , it acts like my weapon has no physics

Because skeletons have no brain to stun and no nerves to feel pain from a knockback? :stuck_out_tongue:


well you gotta look at it from my point of view, if i kick a skeleton, well id expect it to get pushed back atleast

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One would also expect one and two handed maces to cause more damage because they’re blunt and can crush bones in reality.


For the record, swords and axes do that too. Like, if you were to hit someone wearing chain mail, you might not actually cut into them, but the force of that blow doesn’t just vanish. You’ll still snap any bones that happened to be underneath where you hit.

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Another way to explain it would be, would you expect anything animated/controlled by magic to obey the laws of physics? Most would answer no, so it makes sense in that regard that they’re immune to any form of stun or knockback.

The argument of weapons needing to do more damage to them would still stand. Armour would at least soften the impact to some degree, but you’re striking bare bone in this case, meaning there is nothing to reduce that impact, and not much of a bone would remain after being struck by solid steel, hell, even stone or iron would do serious damage.

For the record though, skeletons were once able to be knocked back and staggered, even afflicted with bleeding and poison, that all got changed.

Not necessarily. The same magic that reanimates the remains might also harden them in the process.

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well upon release you could both stun and knock back skeletons. But funcom decided it was too easy to fight them when you could stun and knock them back… so they made them immune to both.

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Actually time ago they was this way.

Not that was helping immersivity being able to stagger and make bleeding skeletons with daggers :laughing:

Than, I suppose they decided they was too easy to kill, so they changed them when they released the Unnamed City revamp.

In any case, blocking with a shield works quite fine on them :slight_smile:

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They used to but they were also too easy to stunlock. It makes sense for them to not be stunnable, it’s better now.

Yourself and @Kwalya are correct. In the past we were able to stun, bleed and knockback both Skeletons and Wights, however this was changed in a recent update. Considering that both are intended to be, generally speaking, higher level opponents, I dont mind that they did.

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You can still bleed rocknosses :crazy_face:

Aren’t they made out of rock only?

PvE stays ez anyways. Unless everything one shots you. Then it becomes a challenge.

I would assume so. I hsvent asked them personally.

Im not sure what you are trying to say here.

I doubt my posts are derailing the thread. They made undead (except undead hyena and shalebacks) unstaggable because it would’ve been easier to farm the unnamed city bosses like that (including all the bleed and poison). They even gave the skeleton bosses in UC better weapons a patch later.

So yeah, PvE is easy, so they tried to change the difficulty by changing the undead.

i started this thread because i started the silent legion dungeon, and i think its sad that i was more worried about the skeletons killing me then the king-scourge

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the answer is in your post. You are fighting a skeleton. Funcom could not get real world data from sword specialist, well because they haven’t fought skeletons.

Now this i agree. The bosses are easier than hordes of low level NPC’s.

We’re all making the massive assumption that Funcom actively chose this skeleton behavior rather than just made an oopsie :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of macro glitch you using there?

Was wondering that myself. It’s amazing how “ez” PvE gets when you’re cheating the system. (Even in cases where it’s not technically cheating.)