Can spikes,stone weapons and stone tools get a nerf to cost to craft and repair

Can spikes get a huge reduction to cost. Even with x10 harvest settings it cost too much. I was thinking of 60%-70% Reduction cost.

I find stone weapons and stone tools need a 50% Reduction in crafting/repair. Stone are noob and low level weapons. They need to be cheaper.

Don’t see it happening, as the game is very time sink heavy in design with the crafting aspect. Though I agree, the amount of materials gathered, to the time most adult players have to actually play, is draconian and shows a lack of understanding how much time Funcom is asking of people to make things in this game between travel, preparation, etc.

P.S., no, no I don’t care someone is spending twenty hours a day in game, and that they’d unbalance PvP if this was brought down. Do that player a favor, kick him from your server, force them to go do something else like get a real life job. Stop asking Funcom to limit the game for everyone by the extremes, or playing on officials.

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Stone weapons and tools are low grade weapons and tools. They should be cheap and easy to make.


A stone hatchet and pick costs 5 sticks and 5 stone. How much cheaper do you need to make it?

Stone weapons need a huge reduce.

Drop Stone tools to 2 stone and 2 sticks.

The only “noobie” crafted item that I will agree needs a cost reduction are the wooden boxes. 100 wood is an astronomical cost for someone just starting out and not having a lot of encumbrance.

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Stone weapons cost alot.