Can we have a Purge Warning Companion App for iOS/ Android or Steam? ^_^;;

Some people play on the official servers because it’s single-player without access to the admin panel.
To some people the admin panel ends the game before it even starts, and thus feel like official servers are the real game.

Official servers as we know is a bittersweet affair of compromises; One of them being the purge during prime time.

Prime time also happens to be the time when wives, children and family generally pull you away from the PC at the most inopportune times, leaving only the most “lifeless” of people at an advantage.

The desire to capture purge only thralls is an undertaking only the most dedicated and diligent solo players can achieve, requiring uncompromising vigilance. “Wouldn’t want to miss that purge.”

I often sit glued to my PC in the evening, with my wife slightly annoyed at the fact that I only seem to play when she’s home.

Of course I need to rethink my priorities. A compromise is to be met; Which is why I have a request:

Please either make a purge warning notification for steam, or a Conan Exiles Companion App for iOS/Android, with purge warning push-notes.

This way I can at least take out the trash, without being paranoid, or watch TV, while cuddling my better half, without having to gaze at the PC screen every 2 seconds.


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That’d be a fun app to have, I’d download it. I can’t guarantee I’ll have the time to take advantage of the warning though :rofl:

Yeah, your wife wouldn’t be annoyed if you just drop everything (whatever you do with her) because you get purge notification :laughing:

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Hahahaha ain’t that the truth?
The things we do for white and black dye.

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This is actually a fantastic idea…