Can we have more clarification please on member status and help received

No, actually, that’s you putting words in somebody else’s mouth once again, because you’re clearly unwilling of actually showing anyone the respect you insist everyone must show Funcom.

Ok, so I’ve read a bunch of other threads and it’s pretty obvious that you’re just here to be the forum contrarian. That’s fine, a good discussion needs different viewpoints. Your tone could use some improvement, but at least you haven’t resorted to name-calling and political attacks.

Anyway, since we’ve veered off-topic, I’ll end the cycle. The original point still stands that we could use more clarification on this policy.

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Hi, I’m that person that bought 400 agent boosters that one time. If the definition of “actively support our [Funcom’s] games monetarily” ever excludes me in the lifetime of Secret World, I’m never giving Funcom money again.

This is why we need clear definitions of what that means.

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I mean, you could try to summarise their position as “it’s never occurred to these geniuses to add new content or listen to the players” but it just ends up sounding sarcastic :v:

Yeah, you tell yourself that. I couldn’t possibly be disagreeing just because you’re wrong about everything.

Define what you’d like it to be.

I hear a common sentiment frequently amongst the player-base. That they would further financially support the title, but have long since purchased everything of interest to them, currently available.

Although this announcement reads as enhanced service to paying customers, it instead feels like a retraction of investment by the developers to the three affected FTP games (Secret World Legends, Age of Conan, Anarchy Online) which could be viewed as a disincentive for others to also invest in the future.

I’d be interested in some new revenue raising initiatives in swl, but I see the request here for clarification as a reflection of the greater need for improved communication.

I’ll do my best to address these questions. Obviously this isn’t an exciting or happy topic to engage with, but I do think it’s important.

1. The Illusive, Comprehensive List
We will not be releasing any kind of comprehensive list or even elaborate further on top of what we’ve said. The fact is this is an all new situation and I don’t trust myself to compile and release a list like that. We do not have any way of assuring the permanence of a list. Instead of releasing a list and having to change it, update it, maintain it, we’re just going to do our best to be as flexible as possible while trying to help as many people as possible.

2. What is “Paid”?
Paid is paid in every condition. Membership, Aurum, Patron, Funcom Points, Steam DLC: all of these are things that contribute to a customer’s paid status. There is a consideration of how long and how significant a person’s support has been, but there are no concrete rules to govern this. We’d rather do our best to treat people fairly and meet them where they are.

3. What about Grand Masters?
Grand Masters and other “lifetime” accounts are considered paid.

4. Can I buy your Customer Service?
If you pay for membership or purchase Aurum, your account will be considered Paid. Previous restrictions are still in effect: we’re limited by how long our tools store information and what we’re able to verify in our tools.


Thanks for the clarifications <3

Well this clarification doesn’t really help the two paying members i personally know who have had an item deleted by this apparent bug, one a fully maxxed weapon & the other an expensive talisman partially levelled .
The fact that they both waited over 3 weeks for a response from customer service meant that aparently there was no information stored to VERIFY that they actually owned that item.

So point 4 of your “clarification” does not give players in this circumstance any cover or satisfaction from their situation, even though you said

“we will provide a faster more comprehensive service to players who actively support our games monetarily”
Petition wise people are still waiting for their answers & those who have received a response are feeling cheated.
Maybe if you reconsider the initial refusal on the missing items by those players who are actively paying a subscription, then that may rectify & restore their consumer confidence in Funcom.


Which apparent bug?

The one where an apparent a short lag cause the first item right clicked into the Upgrade window to go missing with the second being in the upgrading slot instead.
but the first item just seemly disappeared from the upgrade window and inventory.
this bug?

I have had that happened a few (too many) times
when it happened i moved everything out of the upgrade window and re-logged
hopping the missing item would re-appear upon login back in, so far that have been a 100% success.
But sadly this hindsight doesn’t help your friends now <.<;

But if there being no safety net… that is rather terrifying to know… x_x

The one that apparently hasn’t happened to you yet, hasn’t happened to me either thankfully.
But i’d assume you would know that you can’t delete one of your weapons or talismans & i am pretty sure that the players i am talking about are conscientious enough not to sell them to a vendor especially when it’s a level 70 red weapon which they use to play with.

However there are times in this game where certain missions remove your weapons & sometimes they are not there to put back on.
I have however experienced the loss of my weapons in a dungeon which again thankfully returned after a relog i’m sure many have had this experience, this appears to happen if i recall in the crafting window .

Here’s another example for you

NossosQuality Assurance

Apr '18

Lol, you’re not on trial mate, a simple “weapons vanishing when you use the rocket launcher” would have done. :v:

Is that related to inventory being too full then or what? Cause I thought it had been fixed ages ago.

In my experience of you simple doesn’t seem to suffice, but thank you for asking the right question for once which was

A simple search on the bug reports/support & you would have found this yourself.

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It always is better to explain a bug since sometimes there exists multiple kinds/versions of an issue.
And most people don’T track which bugs are how much an issue. Asking to just search one specific bug is seaking the needle in the haystack.


Your two players are eligable for support but support are just humans and right now support times seem to be stretched to the limits which can lead to the system just not keeping the information anymore. Which in the term of item regaining puts them into the tough stuff since it oens up a whole trove of exloitation if they still would hand out items without definite proof that you had it.

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Seems unlikely since the only threads relating to this issue are from last year and locked (and one of them is unlisted). I remember the issue and I also remember it being listed as fixed fairly quickly, so it’s a good job I asked or I’d be none the wiser. :v:

If this bug has reappeared it’d probably be a good idea for the affected parties to make a new thread.

Not a haystack at all i typed in two words into the bugs/support thread “missing weapons”

This is a less coherent generic response i’d expect to see from a customer service auto reply system.
It’s pointless to engage you any further.

Not really because they are there.

Most likely.

What I was saying was I’d have ignored those threads as referring to the bug in question, since they’re a year old and that bug was fixed in april last year according to patch notes. I’ll draw you a little diagram next time. :v:

Shall i remind you i posted the bug reports because you played ignorant to the fact that you had any knowledge of them, which of course you do if it suits your purpose.
I gave more than one example of this particular kind of bug though, but cherry pick as you see fit to allow yourself to make more pointless observations because lets face it thats all you do.

However i think this part is good advice for anyone who bothers to entertain you with a response

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Mate, you literally described the issue as:

I’m not a mind reader. :v: