Grand Master Patron Status [solved]

All content in SWL is literally free.

That would be an internet browser, and a click on the relevant account page. You didn’t need to play the game to do so, the fact that you chose to ignore it was your own choice.

TSW is still playable. You can download the localconfig file so that you will access the TSW server instead of the SWL one. You can still access the service that you paid for. If it has been “murdered”, then it’s a good thing that there’s life after death, because you can still play it - but there won’t be any more updates or events.

You have a strange sense of humour apparently. You may enjoy reading the Terms of Service bit that comes with pretty much every online game now. We have all agreed that Funcom can do almost anything they want with their games and we have no legal challenge.

How many times do you think there have been gamers threatening to take legal action over changes they don’t like? And yet actual examples of that actually happening are shockingly rare. Isn’t that strange?

What was it again . . .

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I agree with @Ceruleana and that is “lifetime is lifetime” - period.
There should be no time limit to that.
It’s ludicrous to even think anything otherwise.

This is good news
I really hope you get a result.

Then what about everyone else who bought TSW? Why should their purchases matter less than those who purchased lifetime memberships 3+ years ago? And what about purchases that never transferred for anyone, lifetime or not?

Well that’s something else i agree with - EVERYTHING should have transferred.
All content and items we had - regardless. But that’s something entirely different than the subject at hand.
But for the sake of the thread - we are talking about GM status.

And GM status is a lifetime sub
I don’t need to explain that though do i.

I agree. But Funcom is already bending over backwards to please former Grandmasters, even if it takes support weeks or months to sort out the issues. Normal members don’t even get that benefit. It’s a bit silly for GMs to throw a fit over it on the forums. While you’re waiting, just play the game. You’re not missing out on anything you paid for back in TSW.

Except the benefits that patron status gives you here in SWL, come on Aeryl you know why he’s annoyed.

I would say it’s a normal reaction for those who are supposed to be GM - lifetime members, and them not getting what that actually entails for the rest.
I don’t know why the memory dulls for some people but If i was a GM - who did not have their lifetime Sub honoured from the same company, with the same game different name, i would be annoyed too - and i would make a noise about it too :smiley:

But i pay monthly, as i am NOT a GM - but i can still see exactly where they are coming from.
Regardless of that fact.

You can add to this the extra Agent slot and the Free cusomer Service we get being a “paid member”
And the thousands of MoFs you save by not having to spend moFs on opening up each weapon page!
and need i remind you that due to complaints on launch the GM’s eventually got 2 extra char slots, making their total to 3 from the get go, something they only got coz they complained and something nobody else gets now even if they are a GM - so who’s the one with any extra?

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There’s a teensy bit of difference between “no access” and “no patron benefits”.

If you wanted to boil it down, the common denominator between TSW membership and SWL patron is… drumroll 8 hour mission cooldowns.

Lets say for the sake of argument - that it WAS just this,
I would still be annoyed too.
I would want my GM/Patron status and not have to wait 3 days to run anything in KM as a new toon again.

But it’s not just that tho is it.
But lets just say - that’s what it boils down to . . .

I must have missed the bit where lifetime membership in TSW entitled you to priority customer support.

GMs are already getting a better deal than literally every other customer.

Yes, when a GM transfers over to Patron, this entitles them to Customer Service on a priority level (In regards to “Items that have mysteriously disappeared” coz somehow i need to refresh memories on what that means).
We kinda went through that on the link above and it came back that a paid member DOES indeed get better support (according to Funcom) but not in reality as we know, as there is evidence to show people who are GM and Patron are still waiting months for any type of ticket (Barr the automated ones) to be answered.
But lets just say it’s how they say it is. . .

Account Page Services and Complications - We will continue to offer full service for all players for these issues.

Deletion, Crafting or Currency-based Purchase Mistakes - We will be happy to continue to assist paying players. We will have to stop providing these kinds of services for players who do not support us financially. This includes item and character deletion. Items necessary for the completion of missions and quests are not included in this change of policy.

But i guess, there’s no support at all, if one doesn’t get the transfer of GM to Patron - right?
So where does that leave them?

There’s no priority to customer support.

FWIW, I think everyone who bought TSW should have the privilege of having all of their non-cosmetic purchases transferred inspite of an arbitraty transfer window that didn’t even cover things such as purchased character slots, sprint upgrades, etc.

I just find it kind of silly that Grandmasters, who are already being treated to extra services unavailable to the general player, complain about not being treated extra, EXTRA specially.

You missed the transfer deadline by 2+ years. Be glad that they’re helping you at all. Everyone else is :poop: outta luck.

We all know what it boils down too & that is he is losing out on a whole list of patron benefits, 8 hour cooldowns is but one of those, why on earth you’d try to suggest otherwise is beyond me.

Missing the transfer window is nobody’s fault but theirs. Nobody else but Grandmasters gets a do-over. The whining is just silly.

Its not silly, because those who are raising the issue are not getting their GM to Patron status honoured.
How is a person who is not Patron in SWL but was GM in TSW, being treated to anything at all - except the cold shoulder?

Just because it’s not an active window for transfer blah blah, doesn’t mean they should not be honoured.
Lifetime - is lifetime.

Everyone’s getting the “could shoulder” from support right now. Former GM, SWL subscriber, F2P player or otherwise.

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And so you have to chime in with your cold end rather than support the GM’s of TSW in their efforts of having Lifetime honoured as lifetime in SWL (which is the SAME GAME)?

Like i said - It seems it matters not to those who had their GM accounts honoured at the time,
“so screw everyone else cos HAHA”
no, that’s not on.

You’re wrong.
Wrong also to be negative towards them and wrong for thinking that it’s now “too late for them”
It clearly isn’t according to Funcom if they are offering the support for it.

If they want to complain about the wait time -
Then they should be able to do so.
No point keeping quiet about it like it doesn’t exist.

We’ve all had some reason or another to complain - especially in regards to wait times for support.
You would think that if there was a problem with wait times, They would employ more or deploy more staff to help out - not strip the staff to next to nothing so they can’t cope.

The only thing you are right about there is we are ALL getting the cold shoulder from Funcom.
I just don’t see why it matters to anyone why these GM accounts are honoured like they should be.

It’s of no dis-service or - disadvantage to you, or anyone else - if they do.

If there is no hope for these people - then let Funcom come forth with an announcement that they WILL NOT help in this matter.

Then they can be referred to the most recent statement on the matter instead of witnessing other fellow players witter on about how “it’s too late” and nobody will help them.

If your account was in good standing at SWL’s launch and was eligible to participate in the second-chance Vanity Transfer, Support can generally assist you in manually copying lifetime membership from your TSW Classic account to Secret World Legends.

This process can only be run by Customer Support, so if you’ve already submitted an email support ticket you will need to wait for a reply to your email. The most recent post from the CS Manager regarding current wait times is here: A Note from the CS Manager

As this discussion is no longer constructive, and the original question has been answered, this thread has been closed.