Grand Master Patron Status [solved]

I have sent a couple of messages to support about this and have not received a response yet. I have a lifetime GM account from TSW and my status has not updated to Patron in SWL. Can someone please fix this? Thank you

[ Solved, thank you customer service! ]

Support is really backlogged right now. They have helped former Grandmasters in the past, but there’s really no guarantee now since you’ve missed the official transfer window by two years.

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I always wonder with such request how we should fulfill anything to help with it.
While the support reads the forum in some frequency they handle based on tickets in the system. If they didn’t get around to it than we as community can’t do anything about it.
If you ask Andy nicely he can probably take a look at the status of the ticket but he is CM not GM and as such he can’t really help that much either.
All in all stuff for private messages more than the publicity of the forum.


If you did not make the transfer back in 2017, you missed it. Like Aeryl said you are two years late. Support might be able to help you but it will take time

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Might be a daft question; did you log into SWL using your old TSW account credentials, or did you create a new account for SWL? If I recall correctly one of my friends initially created a new SWL login, but was told that that couldn’t be linked to their old account. They had to start again after logging in with their old credentials.

If you had 3 available character slots when you started and all weapons unlocked, that would confirm that your new account was definitely linked to a legacy TSW account…

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The extra character slots, weapon pages and account status were only unlocked if you participated in the legacy transfer program which ran from launch until Fall of 2017. It wasn’t automatic, even if your SWL account was created from a TSW account.

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I don’t blame you for waiting two years to come to SWL.

And still, after all this time - I personally don’t see what the problem is in honouring a GM account with it’s like for like/similar/new benefits.
Regardless of time-frame.

It’s no skin off anyone’s nose.
It’s what i think anyway.
I really don’t care what excuses are given on either side.

And given how customer support for tickets and petitions is close to zero (apart from the automated ones) I understand why you would want to reach out elsewhere, in search of at least 1 person who can actually help.

I wish you luck @Nikolai

All of the above have direct links to people who can help. (meaning, they have contact with an X, Y or Z on a semi regular basis for one reason or another)
And if they can’t help, i’m sure it will get passed to who can.
If they exist - they will come to your aid with a yay or a nay.


I am in the exact same boat. I have been traveling since 2015 and have not been able to transfer my account. More importantly this is irrelevant.
Simply rereleasing and rebranding the exact same game is an odd decision enough as it is. But if you’re going to just copy paste the game, with bugs and all, you can just copy paste the accounts that come with it! Why do I need to tell you do to your job (aka transfer everything, not just what suits you)?

Then not transferring my Master Patron is just outrages, rebranding the exact same product does not warrant you stealing the service I paid for. It is bad enough we lost years of progress that we put into our characters but I was looking forward to do it all again as it remains the best MMORPG out there in my opinion. But you cant ‘steal’ what has been paid for. Lifetime means lifetime, be it my lifetime or that of the game, and just rebranding it does make it a different game. I am certain a court of law would agree with me. And I certainly hope I don’t need to ask one…

Now I too opened a ticket days ago about this, kindly asking to restate my lifetime subscription as I do not want to play SWL handicapped as a f2p player. I understand that support department is backlogged but if people havent had a reply in 3 months then someone needs to light a fire under their a… butts.

Funcom is on a very short list of publishers/developers I still endorse and trust. I certainly hope I don’t need to blacklist them because of such a bad business decision to basically screw their player base like this. Unless our tickets are resolved of course.

I sincerely hope this thread will get the support department… well support in dealing with this backlog asap and we can get back what we paid for and back to playing once more.

Edit: The steam forums have an official statement from funcom that GMs need to contact support to have their status transferred. And yes this does refer to after the 2 year window. The socalled phase 2 transfer.

Ticket: [Funcom #1122547]

EDIT: It has been solved without issue, thank you support. I am sorry you are so understaffed (or so it appears) and are facing a 6 months backlog…


You’ve made a false assumption here.

The service you paid for is still available. The TSW servers are still live, and your Grand Master status there is unchanged. You have not paid for Patron status in SWL, Funcom has chosen to give it to you in recognition of having bought Grand Master status in TSW. The idea that any court of law would agree with you has been thoroughly and repeatedly discredited in the several years since it was originally suggested.

The idea that you have been travelling continually since 2015, never able to access the internet and use any web browser to access your Funcom account is pretty impressive, grats on your return to civilisation.

You have opened a ticket, and now you need to wait. It sucks that you have to wait, but yeah, support is very slow these days. There’s nothing to be achieved by moaning about something that only funcom support can do. There’s no advice that we can give you or any way to speed it up, you just have to wait.


Hahaha, this is some hilarious stuff. Did you ask your local twitter lawyer for advice? :v:
“Your honour, this game has legends in its name. Its clearly a different game!”


You know youre morally wrong, the service I paid for is being murdered and replaced by a copy I have no acces to. And yes, I have worked in some backwater village for 2 years where I could barely get my mail in once a month let alone download steam, a game or whatever was required for the transfer. Wasn’t exactly a priority without internet to play now was it!

But thank for one of the nicest FU letters I have read in a while. It appears that FC has joined the ranks cash grab and abandonware developers. I hope they prove me wrong. I’ll update this thread (provided it wont be closed) as soon as/if I get a reply to my ticket. Let’s hope for the best :cold_sweat:

Edit: (Malcoms last post) Thanks Malcom, hope support gets the resources they need to help us out fast!

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All content in SWL is literally free.

That would be an internet browser, and a click on the relevant account page. You didn’t need to play the game to do so, the fact that you chose to ignore it was your own choice.

TSW is still playable. You can download the localconfig file so that you will access the TSW server instead of the SWL one. You can still access the service that you paid for. If it has been “murdered”, then it’s a good thing that there’s life after death, because you can still play it - but there won’t be any more updates or events.

You have a strange sense of humour apparently. You may enjoy reading the Terms of Service bit that comes with pretty much every online game now. We have all agreed that Funcom can do almost anything they want with their games and we have no legal challenge.

How many times do you think there have been gamers threatening to take legal action over changes they don’t like? And yet actual examples of that actually happening are shockingly rare. Isn’t that strange?

What was it again . . .

Taken from

I agree with @Ceruleana and that is “lifetime is lifetime” - period.
There should be no time limit to that.
It’s ludicrous to even think anything otherwise.

This is good news
I really hope you get a result.

Then what about everyone else who bought TSW? Why should their purchases matter less than those who purchased lifetime memberships 3+ years ago? And what about purchases that never transferred for anyone, lifetime or not?

Well that’s something else i agree with - EVERYTHING should have transferred.
All content and items we had - regardless. But that’s something entirely different than the subject at hand.
But for the sake of the thread - we are talking about GM status.

And GM status is a lifetime sub
I don’t need to explain that though do i.

I agree. But Funcom is already bending over backwards to please former Grandmasters, even if it takes support weeks or months to sort out the issues. Normal members don’t even get that benefit. It’s a bit silly for GMs to throw a fit over it on the forums. While you’re waiting, just play the game. You’re not missing out on anything you paid for back in TSW.

Except the benefits that patron status gives you here in SWL, come on Aeryl you know why he’s annoyed.

I would say it’s a normal reaction for those who are supposed to be GM - lifetime members, and them not getting what that actually entails for the rest.
I don’t know why the memory dulls for some people but If i was a GM - who did not have their lifetime Sub honoured from the same company, with the same game different name, i would be annoyed too - and i would make a noise about it too :smiley:

But i pay monthly, as i am NOT a GM - but i can still see exactly where they are coming from.
Regardless of that fact.

You can add to this the extra Agent slot and the Free cusomer Service we get being a “paid member”
And the thousands of MoFs you save by not having to spend moFs on opening up each weapon page!
and need i remind you that due to complaints on launch the GM’s eventually got 2 extra char slots, making their total to 3 from the get go, something they only got coz they complained and something nobody else gets now even if they are a GM - so who’s the one with any extra?

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There’s a teensy bit of difference between “no access” and “no patron benefits”.

If you wanted to boil it down, the common denominator between TSW membership and SWL patron is… drumroll 8 hour mission cooldowns.