Can we have new pets or mounts?

Like this one

it has same model as Rhino but there are no pet or mount with this one…


I’d very much like to have tuskbeasts, siptah rhinos and reptilian rhinos as mounts with “greater” variant as fighting beasts, same as with regular rhinos

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Personally I’d rather they didn’t get too crazy with the mounts like this was a five year old generic MMO. Some of the rhino variants, elephants and camels are about the upper limit of what they should aim for as far as new mounts are concerned, IMO. You see people riding around on spiders and panthers and, god forbid, shoebills and the game is going to start to lose some of it’s low fantasy appeal.


this is same rhino but with different skin, it wont affect any lore\atmosphere of game if they allow players to have it as pet. And optionally but not necessary as mount

I totally agree

This. Please dont turn this into Ark Disney World


A shoebill is tempting though. Except that shoebill animation always looks really wonky to me.

This :+1:
However if we really should have one more pet/mount then I’d love a rabbit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you are so strange, when FC adds birds as pets or gaselle - its ok. But when someone asks for different Rhino skin - 'oh no its gamebreaking!"

I would love camels, elephants and donkeys :grinning:

I’m going to agree with this.

Exiles Extreme is a mod for those who want some exotic mounts, including flying ones, so for the ones who want the option, its available.

like this one ? <3 i really miss them

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