Can we make the AI weekly less of a shitshow?

We spend years working on these toons. Nothing worse than being killed by some poorly designed weekly event and having your record changed forever. The event that just happened tonight was so hard I’m not sure it’s even getting finished… just high level aliens and dozens of larvae just running about ■■■■■■■■ up everyone’s record… which is also why most people hide in yalms and don’t join in.

Please fix this

the ARKs do this for a fun time for the community, everyone in the entire zone gets xp/axp. Either don’t show up to fight and afk in the air like the hundreds of others that do or buy Unicorn Kyr'Ozch Stat Purge - Anarchy Online Items Database for 10 ICC Commendations if you’re that hurt about having fun.


I have never saw an ai weekly quest. Where do we pick up such a quest?

It’s not a quest, it’s something that ARKs do as a special event every saturday around 19:30 GMT.

Shout out to Spacequest!

Aside from impacting stats and only possible for high level toons …

Please don’t do these Events until your servers can handle the people. Missed all of today because I couldn’t logg my toons in. The grid and login’s to Newland City at least were not working at all.


Thanks for the info. I didn’t realise you could reset the stats. I admit I was pretty annoyed when I wrote this post :sweat_smile: I thought the deaths was permanent which annoyed me cause I always get carried away having too much fun at the AI event. It’s always great fun!

I do honestly think tho that the difficulty could be lowered maybe a little, just so more people would participate!

They start it off with easy aliens, but I do agree that the main part of it is for MBers and raid teams.