Can you bring bound a thall though a hatch?

So looking to harden my pvp base and thought maybe a hatch would help. I’m not sure I can bring a bound thrall up a ladder. I’m guessing not.

Plan B would be to have a wheel of pain somewhere else and then bring them in once they are broken.

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The minute you climb, you drop the leash.

Get an elevator instead and you can ride it up.

Definitely preferable for PVP. However just watch your 6 because it can and probably will be scouted to see if you show up and then they will follow you back to your base.


Bring a trash follower and get to your Thrall taming base without any gear. Get the follower inside and tell them to stop following you. Fill his inventory with trained Thralls and kill yourself. The follower will teleport to the last place it was placed as a guard. (Back at your base if everything is done right)

That’s how I transport my pets and thralls to my base without revealing my base location.
Minor risk of pet being stuck inside mesh and not appearing anywhere you can interact with it… Rescue will delete its inventory and remove all equipment… Almost never happens.

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That’s very elaborate :slight_smile:
Although now if we follow along that line of thought… you can not bother with the thrall and just go there yourself… pick up all the trained thralls and kill yourself then summon your corpse with sorcery so you don’t even have to wait for your thrall to go home :joy:

30 m before your base order stop. When you go in look your floor a couple m in front and order to move there, it will teleport. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Especially in times of need it mostly doesn’t :rofl:.
Another thing you can do is fix a small hut out of your base, open the door, order them to move in there, order stop, go in your base and order move. It will take awhile but it will surely teleport without wandering around your base searching for a way in. Make sure you have a big enough lobby to call them in, it helps. About the hatch, make sure that arrows cannot reach it, I use to have underwater hatches! Good luck :+1:t6:.

Edit. To the second solution, I use to lead them in the hut, order stop following and then they teleport 10 to 15 min max in their base position. This was working 95% correctly. 95% because sometimes they returned the other day, but always returned, always!

You can do that now?

If other players are very close to your Thrall or pet, it won’t return home until the players are a bit further away. They dissapear from their location and will get the status Returning Home in the follower list.
They won’t spawn in unless you walk a bit away from their assigned guard location though. I think it’s to avoid collision with the player when spawning in.

Yes from the circle of power!

As far as I know you cannot climb and carry a rope at the same time. The captured thrall will drop. Elevator is the way to go there.

The point is that after sorcery, all these seem useless! I can fix ice bridges, fly with a bat, do the lightning storm and crush any base, why should I care about Gods, or trebuchet, or bombs or even arrows :man_shrugging:?

no, you can’t, it is imperative to avoid using both hands when dragging a slave to the wheel. Using a two-handed weapon, climbing, taking a torch, etc. will make you drop the rope, of course!

You might want to try some if those if you havnt used them recently and see what happens :slight_smile:
I wouldnt believe everything you hear.

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True, :+1:t6:. Your comment is really correct, I mostly speak when I test things, play and gain experience, in this part I am a fish out of waters, I don’t pvp anymore, I have enough of it, so yes my comment above is from what I read in these forum columns, I have no experience!
Thanks for noticing and pointing :+1:t6:.

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