Thralls left behind in the air

There was a thall left up in the air, been there a long time, back when you had to feed them. I built under it, then one day as I was building a base, he fell and into a spot that is now surrounded. How can I kill the guy, I have lored over different animals yet he will not attack them and he will not go away. I have a dancer like that at a MAP I put because the one there poofed, that one too fell but will not go away.

Any suggestions as clearly the abandoned owner part is not working.


If the Thrall is accessible, the only option is to kite something to your base, as you have already attempted.
Stand behind the Thrall, essentially using them as a shield.
Allow the npc to attack. You might die a few times, but eventually so will the Thrall.

If you tell me where you’re located, I can give you some good npc’s to kite.
Good luck!

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Hey Cen, Alis here. You might need to let the animals hit both you and the orphaned thrall at the same time. Occasionally, dying will compel the animal and thrall to start fighting, but you have to return to the vicinity to keep their AI active after you respawn. IME, it usually takes at least a corrupted animal if not a world boss to do this sort of job though.

BTW, I protected a path from NA to the BK obelisk, so if you don’t want to maintain that maproom anymore, I could put one adjacent to the bridge. Just lemme know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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