Cancel Animation & Combat for PVE/Roleplay

I notice when they removed a lot of the amazing animation in combat for pvp players balance, someone
made a amazing MOD called Trail of glory. Which brought back the epic feel of the gameplay combat for a lot of us.

Anyone Working on a mod to bring back NON Cancel Animation?

I would of thought just allowing on or off cancel animation or on or off for any big change by Funcom at the admin server level, This would allow PVP not to kill visual effects for both PVP and PVE, allowing the server admin of there server to control the change.

This is why we have official and self server? Each to there own delight.

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Im very intrested here, i will host a server once the mods are available

Eveything will be put to a vote ofc but I am thinking

Animation cancel.

So far

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