Canine-pets here act like cats licking their paws

I’ve got most of the pets here, and noticed all the canines… dogs… wolves and so on act as cats.
It seems obviously a cat lover has designed animations who has never had a dog… prolly not ever seen one - lol.

Why? Dogs do not lick their paws to clean’em up. They only lick / bite itching open wounds. For this reason I cannot use any canine pets. Good thing is there’s plenty to choose from.

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Dogs do groom themselves… especially their paws.

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HAHAHA… nope… I’ve got many dogs… they don’t do that.
Only if they get hurt, they lick…

I have to agree on that one lol. I thought that for a long time. It’s the way they lift there paw and lick it like a cat. I always thought it was funny.

Something about the way they lift it straight up to the front and clean.

But to not use them because of that… c’mon. All those pets do things animals don’t do, like cats jumping through portals.

Pretty convinced the cat that owns me uses portals.

Only time I’ve seen dogs that have lived in my pack lick their paws is when they’re hurt or stressed out (or really dirty).

Yeah and when they do… They don’t do it like the dogs in TSW and SWL

They would bend their head down to the foot instead of lift their leg to their face.



I think the lazy coder just copied cat template to dog template.

Regardless of the aesthetics of it it’s not really a bug because it is doing what was intended, even if you feel a way about it.

Having had only rescue dogs it’s not surprising all of mine have had anxiety.