Cannot subscribe, in need of some help too [Funcom #1095771]

[Funcom #1095771]

I’ve been playing this game for a few days and i like it. but i cant sub to the game. can a GM fix my account please? every time I try to sub it say (your account is restricted to limited purchases per day.) I already emailed steam and here is what they said,


Hello, Glad to help. Purchase limitations for in-game currency are set by the game’s developer or publisher. Please be aware that Steam Support can’t alter or remove purchase limitations on in-game currency for this title.If you are encountering purchase limitations for in-game currency in this title, the Support team for this title can be contacted by following the link below.

Please let me know if I can help clarify anything else.

Best Regards,

Note: The problem is I never ordered anything so how is it that i have a purchase limitation?

yes i have money in my steam account

Are you remembering to apply your country’s tax to the price? Is $15 still enough?

Hello Sweetdaddy, sorry for the trouble! Your email ticket should be receiving a reply soon, so please keep an eye out for more information from us. Thanks for your patience!

I have same problem and 20 euro on acount.
“your account is restricted to limited purchases per day”
[Funcom #1101920]

Your ticket will be receiving a reply as soon as possible. Please don’t necro old threads.

Don’t necro old topics.