Can't abandon quest The Twelve Portents but not at lvl to do it

I was on my Tempest of Set over in Old Tarantia and saw an NPC that had a quest available. At the time I was only in my low 20’s. I talked to the Astromancer and at the end it started the quest to kill the 12 Portents. When I opened my quest journal I noticed that all of the rewards were lvl 80 so I was going to abandon the quest until I reached 80 so my quest log wasn’t cluttered. The problem is I CAN’T abandon it at all. Minor inconvenience but still annoying to me nonetheless when I’ve finished other quests (or turned in my only other quest I could work on and it gives me a new one only to have The Twelve Portents auto track on my screen.

GM won’t delete it either. You’re stuck doing it until it completes.

You will probably want to start working on the Twelve Portents quest before reaching level 80, since it will take at least 12 months to finish it, and several of the goals are quite possible to do at lower levels.

Totally possible to participate in the Monthly World Bosses even with a level 20 character.

If there a time table on when the monthly world bosses are up?

They start at 00:00 GMT (Midnight) on the first Wednesday of every month. The spawns continue for one week. What zone it is in varies each month. Best times to fight World Bosses tend to be during EU primetime. Just ask in Global chat during that week for where the World Boss is currently spawning and someone will point you in the right direction.

The bosses spawn on an approximately 25-60 minute timer which starts the moment the boss dies in each instance.

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