Can't Access the Radial Menu of an Item which is placed under water

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Oasis of Nekhet

I have placed a Sandstone-Foundation in the water. I want to remove it now, but i cant. I try to access the Radial Menu of the Fundation but every time i hit the square button i am drinking from the water instead.


Doesn’t work on PC either.

Game mode: online
problem: bug

Usually, getting to stuff under water work for me, but I have one example where is does not. The water inside the cave “descent of dagon” is one such. I can not access loot from enemies dead in water. I can however hack at is until it turns into a bag and then get to the bag.

A fix I’ve found to this requires ghosting through the ground below the foundation. You can then access the radial menu. Another solution is to position yourself as deep as possible with the camera underwater, sometimes you can access it this way as well.