Can't connect to any server

When I try to enter to any server, The game kick me back to the main menu, I saw that there are more people with this issue, someone have the solution? I can’t play online :frowning:

This is what the log say:
,{“Time”:“2018-05-14T22:42:50.904Z”,“File”:“ConanGameInstance.cpp”,“Line”:1305,“Category”:“NetworkError”,“Message”:{“t”:“ClientNetworkFailure”,“w”:“ConanSandbox”,“c”:[3, 2]}}
,{“Time”:“2018-05-14T22:42:51.266Z”,“File”:“ConanGameInstance.cpp”,“Line”:1305,“Category”:“NetworkError”,“Message”:{“t”:“ClientNetworkFailure”,“w”:“ConanSandbox”,“c”:[3, 2]}}
,{“Time”:“2018-05-14T22:49:36.208Z”,“File”:“ConanGameInstance.cpp”,“Line”:1305,“Category”:“NetworkError”,“Message”:{“t”:“ClientNetworkFailure”,“w”:“ConanSandbox”,“c”:[3, 2]}}
,{“Time”:“2018-05-14T22:49:36.413Z”,“File”:“ConanGameInstance.cpp”,“Line”:1305,“Category”:“NetworkError”,“Message”:{“t”:“ClientNetworkFailure”,“w”:“ConanSandbox”,“c”:[3, 2]}}

I play on Europe server, any idea?

Server # 1998: (This does almost a week) Loads infinite. None of my 6 friends can enter. Rarely can anyone enter.

Seems there are quite a few this is happening to definitely not an isolated incident at all.

Running on a fiber line with a great ping to all servers and I can’t connect to any american servers (was able to get on one server once to build a base now i can’t get back in)

Before the full patch for release I was able to get on with no issues whatsoever.

It sits for a minute or two and then kicks me back to the menu.

The loading screen problem is not solved… My friends and i cant connect in any of the 3 South American servers on PS4…

I’m having that problem too and can’t connect to any server… they jsut kick me to main menu… and if in any case (thx god) i manage to enter in my server it kicks me after 4-5 seconds saying connection lost

No comments or nothing… Today fixed nothing… I still cant play

the same in #1998. I play 30 minutes and cant play anymore

Probably when they restarted the server, the problem disappeared till people start login and the problem returns

I formatted my HDD and reinstalled the game on the formatted HDD and now I can play :man_shrugging:

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