Can't play the game


I can’t play the game it close without a error message, the few times I was able to load the game it close in less than 5min >< , I try dx9 and 11 ultra settings and low settings and always crash, I read is for the Nvidia drivers but I cant install the stable version 425.31 my gpu is a 3060, someone know a stable driver for this gpu

Thank You

First make sure you download full client. Also since its laptop I would use software to limit framerate. I had to on mine because it got very loud and hot for this old game.

I use Nvidia profile inspector to change settings but there is other software.

I try this and other things i read in other sites but sadly I keep crashing :expressionless:

Here are two other versions you can try.

1.) 461.72. (You probably want to try this one first)
2.) 461.40

I am having another issue that I cant find the game in the Steam library. Could you please suggest how can I able to find this?

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