Cant start the game after new update

Cant start the game after new update
if i start aoc.exe
i am in the in logscreen wihtout buttons below if i try to log in

Unable to initiate network connection. Check yout firewall settings!

if i start patcher.exe
assertion Failed

PatchThread.cpp (916)
[0x001163F0] Symbol not found. (0)
[0x00112FE6] Symbol not found. (0)
[0x0012B962] Symbol not found. (0)
[0x001B0328] Symbol not found. (0)
[0x001B03B2] Symbol not found. (0)
[0x751E8484] BaseThreadInitThunk + 0x24
[0x77252FEA] RtlValidSecurityDescriptor + 0x11A
[0x77252FBA] RtlValidSecurityDescriptor + 0xEA

i have a 2 installation it is the same

FTW !!!

pls dont say use e-mail support the i can wait 2 weeks -.-

Hello Garti, sorry to hear of the trouble. The error you’re seeing means your LocalConfig.xml file is incorrect. It looks like there was an issue that affected it after today’s patch, but it’s easy to fix. First, make sure you disable any antivirus software you may have running, then please go to this page:

AOC LocalConfig

Once you have it open click CTRL+S to save it to your AOC installation folder. When you’re asked if you’d like to replace the existing file please click Yes. After you do that locate the file named PatcherSetup.exe in the installation folder and run that as an administrator. That should get things working, but if not please let me know.

Thanks Nossos ,that fix my problem.The problem start after I open the client without internet connection,so peoples must avoid that.

This do not fix my trouble.

Have a similiar error message then Garti here. except my has +0x19 on this.[0x751E8484] BaseThreadInitThunk + 0x24

I have deleted aoc, and reinstalled several times now. Trying both steam and direct from funcom.

I also have changed the localconfig as described in this post.

Just click “Attempt to continue”.